Fanny: De Cocinera A Sazonera

When I was ten years old, my mother taught me how to make a corn wrap (envuelto ). There are a lot of things you can do with corn. I learned to cook when I was 12 or 13 years old. Before they called us cooks, but now with study and thanks to the community council, they call us “sazoneras ” (seasoning ladies).

Fanny: La Familia

He is from the Diaz family, they married into a native family from here, like our grandparents. If someone comes to live here, we accept them. When we die we don’t take the territory with us. If you are a good neighbor you can live wherever you want, because the neighborhood is good.

Fanny: La Ruta De La Piangüa

The “piangüa” route started as an alternative source of income. In the beginning people were buying ‘piangüa to export to Ecuador. We started to look for a better solution, to open new paths in this business by ourselves, to make it our source of income. Then some people came here, they wanted to know how we harvest the piangüa, what the job looked like, and that is how we started it as an ecotoursim activity.