Rocío: Foundations Help

Mirador de Siloé

This was a blessing for us. A really nice project by the SIDOC Foundation. Really nice beacause before this was like a forest, and there was a tragedy. Some houses fell and people died. A woman called Armitage came here to paint the houses white and she had the idea of doing a park. We told her that was impossible because the government had said this land was unstable, but she took us to Medellín to show us how there was a park in every corner even though it is more hilly and unstable than here.

Rocío: Community Rules

We talk to the kids, sometimes they listen. If not, we talk with their moms. We are trying to teach them that this park is for them. They get the message, if they destroy this park there will be no place to play. These kids are not rude, they get it. They take care of the park but sometimes they make some little damages.