Porfirio: Corteros

We have lived here from wood cutting, but it was very controlled, because when we see a big tree we can cut it down, when is a small one we can not. That is what we call ‘thinning’, we take the big trees and let the small ones grow. Then we declared some areas as conservation zones and we don’t cut wood there at all. Now that we are a Community Council, we have legal title to around 35.000 hectares of collective territories. We are all owners of this territory, and we can work with the government to create
projects that will give us our livelihoods. 

Porfirio: Timber

timber on a beach

I cut this wood. This wood is to build a house, I am going to make a cut called ‘mare’. For the house I have to cut the finest timber. I have to know which is the finest timber.

Estas maderas sí las corté yo. Esta madera es para una casa, se le va a hacer un corte llamado “mare”. Uno para la casa corta la madera más fina, uno debe conocer cuál es la madera más fuerte.

Porfirio: Fishing

When I was younger my life was about fishing. I used to fish with ‘atarraya’, ‘trasmayo’, ‘espinel’ and hooks, then I left fishing and I started cutting wood, but I have not been cutting wood all my life. I used to commercially fish before that.

Yo cuando estaba más joven mi vida era pescar, pescaba con atarraya, con trasmallo, con espinel, con los anzuelos, ya fue después que dejé la pesca que me puse a cortar madera, pero no todo en la vida ha sido cortar madera. Yo comercializaba pescado.