"El Paisa"

El Paisa: Security Issues

Parque deportivo Brisas de Mayo - Siloé, Cali, Colombia

The truth is that the situation has not been easy, the police claim to own these lands but they aren’t, the real owner died a long time ago. We have managed to say no and no, to make them know this is ours, this land belongs to the community. We have being fighting for this for the past 16 or 17 years.

El Paisa: Community Sport

Parque deportivo Brisas de Mayo - Siloé, Cali, Colombia

People come here to do sports and weight-lifting. Everything here has been given by someone. They tell us “take this”, especially from “Nueva Luz” foundation. For example, there was a German guy who came here to visit and gave us tubes and netting for the goalposts.

El Paisa: Community Struggles

empty soccer field

We have had a lot of fights with the police because they came in a very rude way to damage two machines that we had working. Because of their rudeness, we brought another 10 machines. This is a community natural park, it doesn’t have an owner. The police and the government are not owners of this park, neither is any person, this is for everyone. From the little ones to the oldest. There have been some grandparents coming to do exercise down here.