Fanny: Sustenance

This guy lives from agriculture, he grows plantains and ‘chontaduro’ and other produce to eat, that is his sustenance. He used to cut wood but now that land is a protected area, so wood cutting is not allowed. He said he is one of the settlers, but event though he arrived here more than 25 years ago, he arrived to a place with land that had already been broken, from the Valencia family.

Fanny: Piangüa

The “piangüa” route started as an alternative source of income. In the beginning people were buying ‘piangüa to export to Ecuador. We started to look for a better solution, to open new paths in this business by ourselves, to make it our source of income. Then some people came here, they wanted to know how we harvest the piangüa, what the job looked like, and that is how we started it as an ecotourism activity.

Ferney: El Raicero

This is the “Piangüímetro.” The Piangüa Route is an ecotourism destination, created and built by the women in the Bahía Málaga territories. It is a strategy to help improve the quality of life in the communities, to inclrease awareness of the environment, and to help preserve our natural resources by measuring the minimum size of shells that can be harvested.

Ferney: El Proceso

There has been a historical process, we understand that outside our territory there is unfair competition, we attack each other, the capitalist model absorbs us and we end up slaves of the model in the city. So, what I analyzed was that, to see how with the Community Council we can help improve the quality of life and thew well-being of the community.

Ferney: Migracion

Today in Málaga, a lot of people have left and gone to Buenaventura because they have full-time electricity and they might offer better opportunities. But the truth is there is a systematic abandonment of the rural areas by the national government.

Ferney: Lideres

The links between the young and the old include the school, the leadership training, the preparations for generational change. The older leaders teach the younger ones, and this new leader has listened and learned, and he is the president of the community council.

La escuela, la formación de lideres y el relevo generacional, esa escala entre el mayor y el joven, encaja porque uno de los líderes mayores del territorio le enseñó al jóven y éste ha escuchado y aprendido y hoy es el presidente del consejo comunitario.