Juan Carlos: The Corn Is Ours

The corn is ours, our harvest and the name is really clear: “MAIS”: “Movimiento Indígena Alternativo y Social” (Alternative and Social Indigenous Movement). Is what I have always said: this movement is not only for indigenous people but for every social field and everything it involves: afro-americans, peasants, Yanaconas (indigenous people). Because it has been clear for a long time: if we are not united, next wars are not going to be for land but for water, that’s why we need to be united.

Yolima: Indigenous Equality

Casa del cabildo indígena - Buenavista

In our territory it is different from here in the city. There the community comes together in the community house, it can be 200 or 300 people. We plant and harvest the food, then we bring it to the community house and it’s distributed between the community. Some of it is sold, so the money helps buy other things.

Luz Marina: Our Home

Our children are the most beautiful gift we have from god. Our home is our shelter where we protect ourselves from the sun, the cold, and the rain; it is where we rest, where we share happy moments with our family, where we share our meals. It is our refuge.

Juan Carlos: My Son And Our Movement

At first I didn’t understand what it means to be an indigenous person. Now I understand it, and I have beeing teaching this meaning to my son. He gets it, he is just three years old but his memory is very developed.

Es que al principio, como yo le decía, yo no entendía nada de esto, yo no sabía que era un indígena. Hoy en día yo entiendo todo esto, y lo que yo entiendo es lo que le estoy enseñando a mi hijo. Y mi hijo ya lo entiende, lo capta muy bien a pesar que tiene 3 años, él tiene una memoria muy avanzada y entiende muy bien esto.

Juan Carlos: Social Movements Need To Be Inclusive

Mural indígena - Buena Vista Cali

The indigenous movement is not just for indigenous people. It is for all kinds of persons: afro, peasants, mestizos… In the end, we are all indigenous, even of we have different skin or eye color we are equal. We were all mixed in the Spanish conquest, nobody is pure, we were all mixed between different indigenous groups, and with whites and afros. That is why we are all indigenous, and our home is everyone’s home.

Juan Carlos: Traveling For Learning

Cabildo Indígena Alto Buena Vista

I went to the Cauca region to prepare myself in things I didn’t know really well. Then I came to Cali with a main objective: make the indigenous guard stronger. But at the same time I tried to better understand the needs of Cali’s indigenous community.

Creo que si me fui para el Cauca, fue para prepararme un poquito más sobre lo que no sabía. Llegué a Cali con una sola meta y un solo objetivo que era fortalecer la guardia indígena, pero al mismo tiempo traté de visualizar las necesidades de las comunidades indígenas acá en la ciudad de Cali.

Marco Antonio: Our Soccer Game

In the afternoons and with some shadow, I think “Who is playing right now?” The curiosity makes me go and look for my friends. With the passing of time, you get used to it and you will want to play every day.

A veces en las tardes, cuando está haciendo sombra pienso “¿Quién estará jugando?”, uno siempre se pregunta eso, la curiosidad, entonces uno dice “no, yo voy a ir a ver”. Ya después uno se acostumbra y quiere estar todos los días jugando.