Ferney: Lideres

The links between the young and the old include the school, the leadership training, the preparations for generational change. The older leaders teach the younger ones, and this new leader has listened and learned, and he is the president of the community council.

La escuela, la formación de lideres y el relevo generacional, esa escala entre el mayor y el joven, encaja porque uno de los líderes mayores del territorio le enseñó al jóven y éste ha escuchado y aprendido y hoy es el presidente del consejo comunitario.

Porfirio: Timber

timber on a beach

I cut this wood. This wood is to build a house, I am going to make a cut called ‘mare’. For the house I have to cut the finest timber. I have to know which is the finest timber.

Estas maderas sí las corté yo. Esta madera es para una casa, se le va a hacer un corte llamado “mare”. Uno para la casa corta la madera más fina, uno debe conocer cuál es la madera más fuerte.

Porfirio: Fishing

When I was younger my life was about fishing. I used to fish with ‘atarraya’, ‘trasmayo’, ‘espinel’ and hooks, then I left fishing and I started cutting wood, but I have not been cutting wood all my life. I used to commercially fish before that.

Yo cuando estaba más joven mi vida era pescar, pescaba con atarraya, con trasmallo, con espinel, con los anzuelos, ya fue después que dejé la pesca que me puse a cortar madera, pero no todo en la vida ha sido cortar madera. Yo comercializaba pescado.

Ramón: Just Something We Repaired

fence and grass

So let’s look at the next picture. Is this something of your work?

Yes, this is this is something we were repairing. We didn’t do all this work, we only did the repairs. So the job here was to repair that fence, clean up all that garbage, and leave it all nice and clean. It was about two days’ work.

So when was this?

It was about a year ago. That is all there is nothing more about this picture.

Ramón: Rescuing the Plant They Had Discarded

gardening tools in a bucket

These are gardening tools, very useful. I like gardening because even though I cannot change the beauty of a flower, of a tree, I can help shape it. I can help it grow and make it live longer.
That is our work as gardeners.

Me gusta esta foto porque la vida como jornalero comienza muy temprano. Si quieres trabajo te tienes que levantar muy de mañana, por lo menos a las 5 de la mañana. Y en el invierno así se ve, porque está oscuro a esa hora. Esta foto es aquí en Casa Latina a las 5 de la mañana.

Carlos: A Good Employer is One Who Gets Interested in What You Can Do

man on couch with guitar

This picture is of my friend, he is also a musician. He plays the bass. He plays a lot of popular Mexican music of many groups. He knows a lot. He was at my house.

How long have you been in your house?

I have been here for several years. I come from El Salvador and I have been in the US for 25 years. I have been in this house for 4 years and in Seattle I've been 24 years. I have sometimes gone back to El Salvador, and then I come back. I once had a Job for many years here and that’s why I stayed.

Pedro Infante: I Call him Four Cans

man standing on sidewalk

Here, that is Cuatro Latas [Four Cans]. That is what I call him. Always he’s there. This is on Waldon, on 3rd and Pike, and if you want to see him, he is there like at 7:00 pm, because he sells cigarettes… Yeah, you know, he also lives on the streets. Almost every picture I took is people from the streets, except one that is there, he is not from the streets, a guy who is from Peru, he has always had work. He has his house, he has money, you know? But the rest are from the streets. So this one, there is not much to say about him.