Blas: Each Head Is A Whole World

Demonstrators at march with signs

The march is important so that the government can listen to us. What we want is to work honestly, to bring our bread home for our families, be it here or away, to send some money to the family in Mexico or wherever they are. And each one, each head is a whole world and we’re all thinking about the same thing. We’re all thinking about work.

Lourdes: Cooking


I teach cooking. I like cooking and sharing. I make food for sale in different events. Cooking is something that I have in my blood. Selling is what moves me forward in life. When I host a food sale, It feels as if I have won the lottery.

 A mi me gusta cocinar y compartir. Doy clases de cocina, y preparo y vendo comida en diferentes eventos. La cocina es algo que llevo en mi sangre. Vender es algo que me mueve hacia adelante en la vida. Cuando hago una venta, siento como si hubiera ganado la lotería.

Blas: Where I Left My Youth

red and green grapes

I took this picture because it reminded me of a small town in California where I work picking grapes for the wineries. Every time I see grapes I remember that because I picked many grapes for wine. I was 15 or 16 years old. That’s where I left my youth.

Tomé esta foto porque me recuerda de un pueblito en California donde trabajé cosechando uvas para las fábricas de vino. Cada vez que veo uvas recuerdo eso poque coseché muchas uvas para vino. Yo tenía unos 15 o 16 años. Allá es donde dejé mi juventud.

Beatriz: Fattening the Piggy Bank

tv and piggy bank

I like my work doing housecleaning. It’s hard but I like it. I plan on being here two more years, maybe less, then I’m going back home. Here is a piggy bank, I’m trying to fatten that piggy bank for my trip home.

Me gusta mi trabajo limpiando casas. Es duro, pero me gusta. Yo planeo estar aquí unos dos años más, tal vez menos, y después me voy de vuelta a casa. Aquí tengo una alcancía, estoy
engordando esa alcancía para mi viaje a casa.

Gilda: Hope From A Tree

close up of Gilda leaning on tree

I get hope from this tree. I was trying to connect with it, to absorb its energy. The fruit of my work is to positively impact someone. I have made many changes in the life of the women that I work with. For me, it is huge when people tell me ‘Gilda, you cannot imagine what you have done with my life’. I will continue believing in myself and in what I do.

Jimmy: The Parking Lot

two vans parked in a dark parking lot

This is the parking lot of Casa Latina. Those two parked vans represent those vans would not be parked there; they would be taking workers to different places. But right now they’re parked, which is sad. It means there’s not enough work.

Éste es el estacionamiento aquí en Casa Latina. Esas dos camionetas estacionadas quieren decir que no hay trabajo. Si hubiera trabajo no estarían paradas allí, estarían llevando trabajadores a diferentes sitios de trabajo. Pero ahora están paradas, lo cual es triste porque quiere decir que no hay suficiente trabajo.

Ventura: Jack Hammer

man with jack hammer

Here we have to take on work courageously, if not they will ask, “Who can use a jack hammer? Can you do it?” I said: “Yes, yes I can.” So they sent me. I have used the jack hammer only three or four times before. Once I had to break down a bench, it was the first time, and I broke it down, but I don’t have a photo of that.

Jimmy: How Will I Make My Money Today?

three men standing in fog outside Casa Latina

These three people standing in front of Casa Latina, like we all do every day, talking about where we will get a job today. This is what they’re saying, “Oh, SOB, how will I make my money today?” It is a big sadness to get up each day and not make any money, to end up empty and not have any work. You can pray to Jesus and say, “Give us our daily bread,” or you can also say, “Why are you not giving me enough bread?”

María: A Secure Job

antique statue

This photo is at the job that I have right now, I work in this house every week on Sundays. I really like that it is secure, every week I know I will work there for the day. There are a lot of antiques in the house. I took this photo, and when I saw it I really liked it.

Ésta es una foto en el trabajo que tengo ahora, una casa a la que voy todas las semanas los días Domingo. Me gusta que es seguro, cada semana sé que voy a trabajar allí por el día. Hay muchas antigüedades en esa casa. Tomé esa foto y cuando la ví me gustó mucho.

Juan: A Great City

outside of King Street Station at night

Seattle is a great city. There’s a lot of money here. This is where you get paid best. I have worked in Phoenix and in California, where they pay you $5 or $6 per hour, depending on the employer and the job. But here in Seattle, doing landscaping and yard work, I can make $18 to $20 an hour. The only problem is I don’t have many employers just now because I left and I came back and I am starting again here in Seattle.