Service and help

Chapín: Helping Those Denied Food

two men

So here in the next picture, you’ll see, I went out and I gave them food. We bought tortillas, beans, juice, and some cheese. I told them, 'hey, let’s go buy some food.' I asked, 'you don’t have any food?' And I felt it in my heart that I needed to give them some food. So we went and bought a kilo of tortillas and some beans, and it felt so good. I said, 'yeah, eat, eat, and fill up' because I felt very good that they were eating.

And this was after being here in El Comedor where you were given food?

Chapín: Canadians Came in the Morning

group of Canadians

Well, this group, when I was talking with them yesterday, I told my story and I told them about my life. This is a group of Canadians that came in the morning. And so I told them my story. At first it was these two, this one and the other, they came and I was talking, and then all the others came as well. And I don’t know... my story is something normal. It’s what I’ve lived. But for them it’s so surprising to see that you have somebody next to you who shares all these things that happened to them, and who tells you all the things that have happened in their lives.

Chapín: Another Friend


And here I am with my other friend. I met her here. And I wanted a picture with her because I’m glad to see this person who helps me, and when you think that there’s nobody who will help you, there’s always people who will help you. If there’s a door that closes, you also have another door that opens. There’s always somebody willing to help you, and you can help others too.