Service and help

Chiapas: The Beta Truck

Photo of man in front of orange truck

The truck of the Beta group gives me hope – it makes me think that if I’m dying of thirst, they bring water and I’ll do better. That’s why I took a picture of my friend [by the truck] and I asked him to take a picture of me too. So that picture is just showing the hope that there are these organizations that help us and support us. Because we’re going through a very difficult time, and they help with water or medications.

Armando & Mariana: We Were Very Desperate, with Nothing in Our Stomachs

I get up at 6 am, and I get the kids ready to go to school, and then my work starts at 7. I cook for the migrants who come to the Comedor. Sometimes it’s eggs with chili, or zucchinis, rice, beans, whatever there is to make, because everything here is from donations. I do this with love because everybody who comes here after being deported
reminds me of when I got here after being deported. I was one of them. I was and I still am a migrant here in Nogales, but I’m now established here. We now live here and work at the Comedor.

Chavalo: A Nice Shower

two men posing for camera

Where is this?

Oh this is in front of the bathrooms. So there’s showers and we were lining up waiting for the shower. It’s really good that these are bathrooms and that there is a shower and we can have a shower. Except there they don’t give us any food, but they have showers. They also offer help with phone calls. 

Catracho: Centro Beta

Centro Beta

So this is the Centro Beta?

Yes. That’s it.

And there is no one in the picture.

No, I just wanted to take a picture of the place without anybody there.

And how do you feel about being in that place?

Oh, it is really good. They gave us access to calls, to phone our relatives and we can stay there and it is okay.

Chapín: I Thank God Because I Always Receive Something...

plate of food

I thank God because I always receive something... If it’s not here then there, and if it’s not there, well, somewhere. I give thanks because last time I didn’t have anything, I didn’t have food I didn’t have any water, nothing. I came, and somebody said, here, have 50 pesos, 5 dollars. And I said, oh, thank you, be blessed. I went and bought some water and some food. And thank you very much.

I went and bought some water and some food. God always has a door open for me. Sometimes we as humans don’t see that but I know that there’s always one door that opens for us.

Chapín: Peeling Peppers

yellow peppers

And here, we’re helping to peel some of the peppers, yellow peppers, because I came early and I was helping here in the kitchen. And so we were here peel peppers and I took the picture because I always like helping. And so this is the picture.

Y aquí, estamos ayudando a pelar unos chiles, chiles amarillos porque yo llegué temprano y me puse a ayudar en la cocina, así que estábamos pelando chiles y les tomé una foto porque me gusta ayudar, siempre. Y esta es la foto.