Service and help

Carlos: Friends Around the City

man on bus

This is a Cuban guy who takes a bus and goes downtown. He works in the ships. And so, I see him in the street a lot….

So, why did you want to take a picture of him?

Well, because he is Latin as well. And one, because we speak Spanish.  There are people that I know, they are my friends. I have many friends around the city.  

It looks like you are not alone a lot. You have many friends.

Carlos: I think I would like to be back in Central America

older woman sitting on bed

How do you imagine yourself when you are 80?
I think I would like to be back in Central America….There are nice places in the mountains that are not expensive so when you are an old person you can just go live in those places….I think you can live better out in the country or in a small town. I am from El Salvador but I really like Guatemala. So I would like to live in Guatemala.

Pedro Infante: Getting to be Number One on the List

man standing on outdoor plaza

He is a fellow work partner from here, and I have known him a long time, so he allowed me to take a photo of him.

And why did you take a picture of him?

Because he is very helpful: I have known him a while, he hangs around here in the streets, he survives in the streets. I think this is why.

He survives in the streets?

Mm hmm, and he works here at Casa Latina.

Ok, and you work here at Casa Latina, right?

Yes, when there is work.

Beatriz: Casa Latina

women in chairs at Casa Latina

I took this photo because despite the bad things I have experienced here, I also experienced good things. When I first came here I suffered a lot because I didn’t know anyone, and it was a difficult situation. But later on there was Vero here at Casa Latina and I learned so much from her. She had so much patience, she treated us with equality, and we felt good. And some of us women have learned to speak English, and this is why I took this photo because for me, it has a little bit of everything.

Jorge: You Don’t Just Depend on Luck, You Also Have to Have Faith

cross on wall of meeting room

This place is a church and a shelter. It represents that you have to believe in something. I don’t know how to explain it but you have to grab onto something. Some people grab on to their family, or to their job. Some people simply believe that they will do better the next day. I don’t always go to church. I go more to talk to people. Having lived here 20 years, you don’t just depend on luck. You also have to have a bit of faith. Faith is not bad. It’s luck and faith you need. Luck and faith.

Jorge: I Have Found Generosity in This City

skyscrapers and freeway

I think this picture is about the generosity I have found in this city. Not only with my clients and the people I work with, but  I know how some programs work downtown and people are very generous. And that's what I tried to explain with this picture.

Esta foto tiene que ver con la generosidad que yo he encontrado en esta ciudad. No sólo con los clientes que yo tengo y la gente con la que trabajo, pero … yo sé cómo corren los programas del centro y le gente es muy generosa. Es lo que trato yo de explicar con esa foto. 

Pedro: Casa Latina is a Good Connecting Place

photo of Pedro with his phone

Well, this place, Casa Latina, has been a good connecting place ever since I first came here. They give you a connection with an employer, and then you see how things are, if the employer has a lot of jobs, a lot of work, then it’s up to you to establish a relationship and maintain the relationship with the employer. Here, I’ve had an employer and I’ve worked with him occasionally for the last three years. So I still do work with him. It’s a small business, so there’s not work every day…. Especially now in the winter, it is very slow and not a lot is going on.