Service and help

Ferney: El Raicero

This is the “Piangüímetro.” The Piangüa Route is an ecotourism destination, created and built by the women in the Bahía Málaga territories. It is a strategy to help improve the quality of life in the communities, to inclrease awareness of the environment, and to help preserve our natural resources by measuring the minimum size of shells that can be harvested.

Fanny: De Cocinera A Sazonera

When I was ten years old, my mother taught me how to make a corn wrap (envuelto ). There are a lot of things you can do with corn. I learned to cook when I was 12 or 13 years old. Before they called us cooks, but now with study and thanks to the community council, they call us “sazoneras ” (seasoning ladies).

Rocío: Foundations Help

Mirador de Siloé

This was a blessing for us. A really nice project by the SIDOC Foundation. Really nice beacause before this was like a forest, and there was a tragedy. Some houses fell and people died. A woman called Armitage came here to paint the houses white and she had the idea of doing a park. We told her that was impossible because the government had said this land was unstable, but she took us to Medellín to show us how there was a park in every corner even though it is more hilly and unstable than here.

David Gómez: Community Work

Agua en Siloé

We brought the electricity here. We payed to have the connections made, and we brought the posts and all. This is great work for youth to get organized. There have been problems but we were able to build and it is good. There are also some youth who do drugs, others cause trouble, but overall they all respect this space for the children, they help to build with the community, with the elders. Because Siloé only has 11 square cm per inhabitant of public space.

Juan Carlos: Social Movements Need To Be Inclusive

Mural indígena - Buena Vista Cali

The indigenous movement is not just for indigenous people. It is for all kinds of persons: afro, peasants, mestizos… In the end, we are all indigenous, even of we have different skin or eye color we are equal. We were all mixed in the Spanish conquest, nobody is pure, we were all mixed between different indigenous groups, and with whites and afros. That is why we are all indigenous, and our home is everyone’s home.

Servando: Self


The picture is in the same place. Also, the church give us clothes. In fact, almost everything I am wearing today was given to me, except for my shoes. I bought these shoes.

Can I take a picture which shows the clothes that you got here?

Yes, of course. I was given all these clothes.

Vero wants to know if all these clothes you are wearing were given at the church. Also, are you a fan of the Seahawks?

Ramón: The Ones Who Know More are Talking, Talking, Talking

senior breakfast

Well, yes, I have to some English classes but I forget and it doesn’t stay with me. I have this application called Bilingual and I think it’s better, more entertaining because first it asks me to pick an image and write it or describe it, then it asks me to say it and then it asks me to write again, so I think it’s very complete. There are other courses that I’ve seen that are just blah blah blah. It’s also easier because you can speak and if you don’t say it correctly then it’ll say it’s an error and you have to repeat it.

Ramón: The Workers’ Assembly

man at whiteboard

He is preparing the agenda for the assembly at Casa Latina, organizing the topics that will be discussed. When he’s done he says, “Does anybody want to comment on the agenda? Do we want to add any other topics?” We discuss many different topics in the assemblies. There’s many rules here at Casa Latina and for me that’s good because you come here to be at peace, and that’s why the rules are there.