Security and authority

Catracho: The Pressure of Crossing

two men lying near a wall

Those two on the picture look like brothers, they’re having a good time together and they’re resting. We are all in the same uncertainty, the same boat. Maybe some of these will go back, maybe some of these will continue to live in the U.S. maybe some will wait some more. There’s many who come here
for the first time and they feel the pressure, they are afraid and sometimes they just return without even crossing, without even trying.

Catracho: It Feels Like You Are in Limbo, Waiting

man posing for camera

So are they all compañeros like you who are in the same situation as you, either recently deported or waiting to cross over?

Yes, they are all in the same situation. Some of them just deported and some of them coming here waiting to cross for the first time.

What if it was the other way around, that they were the photographer and you were the one having the picture taken?

Oh it would be the same. If they asked me and they wanted for the same reason, I would say yes.