Motivations and aspirations

Servando: Bright Lights at Sunset

Elliot Bay sunset

There are some pictures of shinning. Those are signals in the sky.This is the kind of sunset over the Puget Sound. Yes, those are very bright lights. Here, I like seeing the reflections on the side. Personally, I have always wanted to see the auroras. Especially, the auroras borealis because I have never seen them. I’d like to go to the library so I can learn about all these things.

Servando: Starbucks and the Business I Want

white car in front of Starbucks

The picture is not about the white car. It’s about the Starbucks, the first Starbucks on Pike Place. All the other ones originated from this one. I want to set up my business and want it to be as successful as Starbucks. When I go back to my country to set up a business, I want to be as lucky and successful as Starbucks. Or at least, I want to have that in mind. I want the luck because I believe in it. If a man does not believe in luck, then he has nothing.

Ramón: Cactus

I’m learning photography. This is a picture of a landscape with a cactus by a guy who is a writer from my homeland, from Jalisco.

Estoy aprendiendo fotografía. Esta foto es de un paisaje con un cactus, tomada por un un hombre que es escritor allá en mi tierra, en Jalisco.

Ramón: You Cannot See God, But Nature Expresses God

yellow flower

Nature for me is the expression of something that you don’t see. You cannot see God but these things are an expression of God. God made them, but these are expressions of what you cannot see. You cannot see the seed and you do not see how this flower blooms but you see the result. For me that is the meaning of nature. Nature just fulfills a duty and it has to yield flowers and fruit even if it’s the last thing it’ll do. This is the time of year when it has to bloom and it blooms. And after that follows the fruit. This plant is almost dead but it has to fulfill its duty of yielding fruit.

Beatriz: I Hope They Learn

seagulls on rocks at beach

People come here with a wrong image, they think it’s very easy to make money. When I first arrived in this country I worked in a fishing plant for two years, and every night I would got to my room and stand in the shower and cry. What you have to go through is terrible.

Las personas vienen aquí con la imagen equivocada, creen que es muy facilito hacer dinero. Cuando primero llegué a este país trabajé en una pescadería por dos años, y cada noche al llegar a mi cuarto me metía a la ducha a llorar. Lo que tienes que vivir es terrible.

Beatriz: Dreams

seagulls on rocks at beach

Dreams advise me of things that will happen, and I give thanks to God and appreciate very much this country and the people that have helped me, people that have given me work. I know I will be happy in my country because I leave fulfilled, happy.

Mis sueños me avisan de lo que me va a suceder en el momento, y le doy gracias a Dios y agradezco mucho a este país y la gente que me ha dado la mano, la gente que me ha dado trabajo. Yo sé que voy a ser feliz en mi país porque me voy realizada, contenta.

Jorge: Another Language

Jorge with interviewer

In Mexico, I only did elementary school. I came here and I didn’t know what was going to happen here. I had no idea they spoke another language. That was the first thing that impacted me, the way of life… it’s very different. But I liked it, I liked the way of life, so that’s why I stayed.

En México sólo hice la escuela primaria. Vine aquí y no sabía qué iba a pasar aquí, no sabía que se hablaba otro idioma. Eso fue lo primero que me impactó, la forma de vida, que es muy diferente. Pero me gustó, me gustó esa forma de vida, y por eso me quedé.

Jorge: After 40 I Think Differently

self portrait

You can use this picture in the end. I’m not going to say much about it. I was learning how to use a camera. That’s what happened, that’s why it looks that way…

So how do you see yourself?

Oh, I see I need a haircut. The thing is in the summer though you sweat a lot so in the summer I cut my hair shorter because you have to be faster. That's one of the things I learned to do here in Seattle is garden/yard work.

I want to ask you when you look at this picture who is he, happy or sad or what?

Jorge: He Sends All His Money to His Kids

man standing on sidewalk

This guy I met 3 years ago here. He has his kids in Ciudad Juarez, and if he makes $100, he will send them 90 and he will live with 10. I never see him wasting his money. He prefers to eat where it’s free, but his money is sent to Mexico, to his kids. I send money to Mexico but not like him. If I want to buy a pair of shoes I buy them, but he doesn’t. He’s set in his mind on what he wants for the future. It doesn’t mean I don’t, but... I think if I’m not going to stay here, I need to do the same.