Information and learning

Ramón: Dawn and the Shelter

sky over street

Yes this one is at dawn. Yes, I liked how the light, I don’t know why the light is so dark because when I took the picture the sun was very bright and it was very luminous here on this side. Maybe it’s the way the picture was taken because I think I had it in manual and I didn’t know how to set it so I could not capture the scene just like I saw it but even then I like it. The sky looks very pretty. And that car there is from a friend who is right next to that coming out of his to his home. That picture is from long ago. That picture, I’ve had it for oh maybe a year or a year and a half.

Ramón: Christmas Evening

blurry star at Westlake

That picture is at Christmas time and I had to work on Christmas day, so when I was coming back home I remembered that in Mexico there is a nice tradition of getting together with family and to spend time together for the dinner have pozole and other traditional dishes… I was going back to the shelter. In Mexico I have my brothers. My parents, they’re dead.

Ramón: The Ones Who Know More are Talking, Talking, Talking

senior breakfast

Well, yes, I have to some English classes but I forget and it doesn’t stay with me. I have this application called Bilingual and I think it’s better, more entertaining because first it asks me to pick an image and write it or describe it, then it asks me to say it and then it asks me to write again, so I think it’s very complete. There are other courses that I’ve seen that are just blah blah blah. It’s also easier because you can speak and if you don’t say it correctly then it’ll say it’s an error and you have to repeat it.

Ramón: If You Delete Your Writing, Then Each Time You Start From Zero


I also like to write. I want to be a writer.

What do you write about?

I write about things I remember. Past loves, things about life, situations I’ve lived, memories of my childhood. I used to delete them all, but now I keep them. I also used to write by hand on a paper pad when I did not have a computer.

A mi también me gusta escribir. Quisiera ser escritor.

¿Y sobre qué escribe?

Ramón: My Phone is Like My Small Laptop


This is a picture of a laptop. I have a laptop but it doesn’t work anymore. Now I use my phone. I have two cell phones. One has a phone line, and this other one is smart phone but it does not have any phone line. I put a Bluetooth keyboard on it and I use it as a tablet. I watch programs in English, I play games, math games, and I watch things on YouTube, I listen to music. That’s how I relax, because if I just stay watching then I get sleepy.

Carlos: I Study Things That I Like

carlos standing outside

I have a brother who is here. I sometimes see him but he has mental health problems. So he sometimes goes away and disappears. He worked a lot when he was younger. So he has social security.  

Do you have any family back in El Salvador?

Yes I have some. Sometimes we talk on the phone. I have a niece in El Salvador.  

Do you use a computer to communicate with them?

Beatriz: Casa Latina

women in chairs at Casa Latina

I took this photo because despite the bad things I have experienced here, I also experienced good things. When I first came here I suffered a lot because I didn’t know anyone, and it was a difficult situation. But later on there was Vero here at Casa Latina and I learned so much from her. She had so much patience, she treated us with equality, and we felt good. And some of us women have learned to speak English, and this is why I took this photo because for me, it has a little bit of everything.

Beatriz: It’s Not the News, It’s English

tv screen and piggy bank

This isn’t the news, it’s an English class because when there are things I don’t understand, I go and I put on a CD. I have struggled a lot with English because I didn’t have a formal education in my country. I never had the idea that I would come to this country. But I’m here and I need English so I strive to learn. I am understating the verbs and via the smart phone I have learned grammar, and to write better in Spanish.