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David Gómez: Ladera FM

David Gómez: Ladera FM

That’s a good question because our work is more visible for the outside people than for the community. For example, the radio station is more visible for the community but in this moment it is not working. We know by Youtube that we are visited by almost 2,000 people each day.

Servando: Photo of Paper with Obama Discussing Immigration

Obama picture in Spanish newspaper

This is a picture that has Obama and somebody who is clapping for him. Also, there is someone who is not paying attention to him. Personally, I think it is very difficult to be the president. Nonetheless, he is doing it. I admire him more than any other previous U.S. president. I also admired Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton. He was a very good president. After his term, he left the country very rich. Then came George Bush, and he spent all the money and transferred all his problems to this guy, Obama.

Servando: Seattle Public Library Entrance

library entrance

This is the central library, but I also call it “the office” because for a lot of people, that’s everyone’s office. That is where we went to see the football game of the Seahawks. This is the entrance of the library.

Esta es la biblioteca central, pero la llamo también “la oficina” porque para muchos es la oficina de toda mi gente. Aquí nos fuimos a ver los partidos de fútbol de los Seahawks. Ésta es la entrada de la biblioteca.

Ramón: I'm Okay Here


Why am I here? It’s because at my age in Mexico it’s a lot more difficult to find a job because there is a lot of youth. And here even if you are over 60 and you’re retired and they don’t have a full time job, maybe you can still work. And in Mexico if you go to look for a job and one is younger than me, the other person is the one who is going to get the job. I’m okay here, it’s not that I want to stay but I’m okay. I would like to learn some more technology or learn some skill so that if I go there I’m not just depending on anybody.

Ramón: Can’t Live Without [Steve] Jobs

photo of a cartoon

Ramón This cartoon shows homeless people who live on the street but they are not as poor as they are supposed to be. They have their laptop, they write on their tablets. And here it says “Save our Jobs” but this is really about Steve Jobs, not about work. I don’t have any money but I like technology and they also like technology. I know how to use technology, even if you don’t understand it all, and it’s a really good tool. You don’t really need to know what is behind it. Just use it like any other tool…

Ramón: The Library - An Impressive Place Where I Can Improve Myself

lattice work of Central Library

At the library you can just look at books and if you like one, you can read it and if not, you can just leave it there and you don’t have to buy it. There are many many themes that you can explore! I like Pablo Neruda. I like to listen to his poems. I go to the library any day I have a chance. If I don’t find work here at Casa Latina, I can go and spend all day at the library and improve myself. I can fill in all the knowledge that I’m missing and also it is a safe place to go hang out even if I have nothing to do.