Information and learning

Juan: I Tell Them The Good Things

Juan taking a picture in a mirror

I call my mother… I don’t tell her the bad things that happened to me. I just tell them the good things. I buy prepaid cards at the Azteca store on Jackson to call long distance. I call her 4 or 5 times a week. I don’t really know how to use the computer or the cell phone. I can just talk and I like to hear their voice and talk to my family. I really miss my family. The cell phone I have is not a very fancy one. I can take pictures but I can’t send them to my family in Guatemala. I can send them to my nephew in New York and he then sends them to my family.

Jimmy: Like a Taxi

Jimmy and woman holding phone

The phone is like a taxi, when you get lost it has the navigation, so you can put it in and it will take you where you want to go.

El teléfono es como un taxi, cuando te pierdes tiene la navegación, y le pones a dónde vas y el te lleva donde quieres ir.

Ventura: To Keep As Memories

Ventura and the interviewers

There I am I am with some friends: with you, the interviewers, you are interviewing me. Here you were showing me how to use the camera. I would like it if you send me the pictures I took to my Facebook. I have my photos there to keep as memories… Maybe one day I will be in a different place, so I just open my Facebook and I see the memories.

Gilda: My Professional Side

Computer, desk, phone

These are my laptop, my cell phone and my desk phone. This is the place where I work, where I grow every day, where I discover my professional side. These tools push me toward success. This means a lot to me. I learn how to fight and argue. Also, I learn how to find reconciliation. I work with people with different cultures and levels of education. I understand that it’s not just that people have problems and you need to confront them, it´s about trying to understand the root of the problem. These tools have taught a lot of things throughout my job.

Salomón: We Are Neighbors


This is a class here at Casa Latina, we get together for English and Spanish classes. The program is called “Somos Vecinos,” We are Neighbors, and people come from the neighborhood because they want to learn Spanish, and we want to learn English, and at the end of the class we get together to share how it’s going and what we’ve learned.

Salomón: My English Class

English Class

This is my English class, at Seattle Central Community College. My classmates are from different countries: Morocco, Colombia, Vietnamese, Chinese, Mexican, very international. It represents that we can all be here not just to work, but you can go to school and if you can learn the language better, you will have more opportunities.

Maria: How Do I Go There?

Bus map

This is a map of the bus stops in Seattle. We are always looking for maps to go to our next job, because they give us our work order and we go to the bus stop, and we are trying to get to the address we are given. I think the map is important because if not, then you have to keep asking for directions. Even people here at Casa Latina are always asking, ‘how do I go here, how do I go there.’ I just go and look at the map, and this is how I find my place. I don’t read and I don’t know how to write, but I say

Hoovert: La Escuela

Schools need to improve. The malagueño that wants to grow and study won’t see the opportunities here to make it so he will look for them outside. That is something we want to change.

La escuela aquí neceista mejorar. Ese malagueño que quiere crecer y evolucionar educativamente, no ve allí las oportunidades para hacerlo, ni para fijarse al territorio, entonces los busca por fuera.

David Gómez: About Telecenters And Libraries

Biblioteca de Siloé

The “Punto Digital” is a pretty name but one of the results is that the kids are no longer coming to the library. There is a problem, the computers are laptops so they must be locked. Kids and teens cannot be mixed together because supposedly they can take the laptops away. At the “Punto Digital” the security of the laptops is seen as more important than the educational process.