Identity, culture, and migration

Yolima: Indigenous Equality

Casa del cabildo indígena - Buenavista

In our territory it is different from here in the city. There the community comes together in the community house, it can be 200 or 300 people. We plant and harvest the food, then we bring it to the community house and it’s distributed between the community. Some of it is sold, so the money helps buy other things.

Luz Marina: Our Home

Our children are the most beautiful gift we have from god. Our home is our shelter where we protect ourselves from the sun, the cold, and the rain; it is where we rest, where we share happy moments with our family, where we share our meals. It is our refuge.

David Gómez: Diablito's Rhythm

Diablitos de Siloé

It’s an ancient tradition. The “Dablitos” rhythms are really accelerated. If you try to write sheet music with it it will be very difficult. The real goal is to make noise so people will listen and give them money. That sound isn’t nice, what is really good is to see it all together: the dance, the rhythm, the noise. We are trying to make it easier for outsiders to understand and enjoy it. How can we make a successful fusion, like they did in Brazil?

Jorge: Our Places

Jorge: Our places

That’s the place where we are, where we live: our neighborhood. That flag means the symbol of the indigenous council. The city: Cali.

Éste el sitio donde estamos ubicados, donde estamos viviendo: el barrio. La bandera significa el símbolo del cabildo. La ciudad, Cali

Rocío: Community Rules

We talk to the kids, sometimes they listen. If not, we talk with their moms. We are trying to teach them that this park is for them. They get the message, if they destroy this park there will be no place to play. These kids are not rude, they get it. They take care of the park but sometimes they make some little damages.

Juan Carlos: Our Symbols

Juan Carlos: Our Symbols

Here we have in first place we have the CRIC flag. After that, we have the ponchos that make us warm in both physical and spiritual ways beacuse they work as shields against bad energy. Those are our hats, they are tipical and cover us from the heat, they also work against bad ideas that come from the outside. Finally, we have the indiginous batons that represent the historical resistance of our people.