Identity, culture, and migration

Ferney: El Raicero

This is the “Piangüímetro.” The Piangüa Route is an ecotourism destination, created and built by the women in the Bahía Málaga territories. It is a strategy to help improve the quality of life in the communities, to inclrease awareness of the environment, and to help preserve our natural resources by measuring the minimum size of shells that can be harvested.

Ferney: El Proceso

There has been a historical process, we understand that outside our territory there is unfair competition, we attack each other, the capitalist model absorbs us and we end up slaves of the model in the city. So, what I analyzed was that, to see how with the Community Council we can help improve the quality of life and thew well-being of the community.

Hoovert: Estigmas

We had a clear idea of the economic model we wanted from the very beginning, and how it would include the black people with low literacy and education. Staying in our territory and building the future of well-being that we dream of is important, because we know we are not welcome elsewhere. We go to the city and women end up in bedrooms and kitchens, men in construction; or in the past people would go North, in the 80s and 90s. People would go as stowaways to the U.S., or more recently, to Central
and South America. That is why we build our future here in our territory.

Porfirio: Corteros

We have lived here from wood cutting, but it was very controlled, because when we see a big tree we can cut it down, when is a small one we can not. That is what we call ‘thinning’, we take the big trees and let the small ones grow. Then we declared some areas as conservation zones and we don’t cut wood there at all. Now that we are a Community Council, we have legal title to around 35.000 hectares of collective territories. We are all owners of this territory, and we can work with the government to create
projects that will give us our livelihoods. 

Fanny: De Cocinera A Sazonera

When I was ten years old, my mother taught me how to make a corn wrap (envuelto ). There are a lot of things you can do with corn. I learned to cook when I was 12 or 13 years old. Before they called us cooks, but now with study and thanks to the community council, they call us “sazoneras ” (seasoning ladies).

Fanny: La Familia

He is from the Diaz family, they married into a native family from here, like our grandparents. If someone comes to live here, we accept them. When we die we don’t take the territory with us. If you are a good neighbor you can live wherever you want, because the neighborhood is good.

Pachita: Todos Migramos

Estoy migrando, aunque esté en un solo puesto, estoy migrando. Podemos ver que hay gente que está quieta, a veces presa. Su mente migra y no pueden hablar, migran dentro, llevan un viaje dentro, no saben si son de allá, de acá, no saben dónde están. /I am migrating, even if I am in the same place, I am migrating.

Ferney: Migracion

Today in Málaga, a lot of people have left and gone to Buenaventura because they have full-time electricity and they might offer better opportunities. But the truth is there is a systematic abandonment of the rural areas by the national government.