Identity, culture, and migration

Chapín: Dismay is Only for Cowards

man with blurred out face

This is where I woke up. It’s good to know that God gave me a new day. Each time when I wake up I thank God for giving me a new
day. I wake up and open my eyes, and move my arms and legs. And there’s other people who can’t. There’s other people who die. So every day when I wake up and I look around I say, thank you, Father, for giving me a new day.

Chapín: Haircut

This is when I’m cutting my hair. I was taking pictures of what I was doing that day. I cut my hair, and I was going to have a shower. This first picture is when I still have my hair long, and look how it changes. Now my hair is very short here.

Aquí es cuando me estoy cortando el pelo. Me estaba tomando fotos de lo que hacía ese día, y me corté el pelo. Me estaba preparando para tomar una ducha. La primera foto es cuando todavía tenía pelo largo, y mira cómo cambia. Ahora lo tengo corto. 

Chapín: Another Friend


And here I am with my other friend. I met her here. And I wanted a picture with her because I’m glad to see this person who helps me, and when you think that there’s nobody who will help you, there’s always people who will help you. If there’s a door that closes, you also have another door that opens. There’s always somebody willing to help you, and you can help others too.

Chapín: Nice Place for a Drink

outdoor basketball court

So here, I’m at Grupo Beta and there’s a basketball court and so I’m trying to remember some moments with my family and of my life, because it’s difficult to be away from family, but to know that I can move, and be in different places... for them to know that I’m in Mexico, and get to see all of this.

So does this picture remind you of family or what?