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Chavalo: A Pretty Landscape

trees and power lines outside a window

What is this like looking out of a window?

Oh, that is the window right across from the bathrooms where you go to the toilet and this across from it is what you would see across the street. And you can see this building that is downtown. So it’s a nice view of the building of the downtown.

So why did you take that picture?

Because it’s such a pretty landscape with the building. 

Chavalo: Just Watching TV

man reclining on chair

And there’s other pictures of the people there sitting in this waiting room and you’re thinking very hard! With your arms around your head… what are you thinking?

No, I was just watching TV. Here the next picture is of the TV. So that’s the TV I was watching. So, he took a picture of me watching the TV. It’s strange to see my picture here... So now we see the whole chapel with the TV and the cross and the founder and the light is better here. We can see more things here.

Chapín: That's Not a Light Bulb

landscape at night

This photo here is another landscape, and if you see here in the corner, that’s the moon. That’s not a light bulb, it’s the moon right on the side. I love watching the landscape at this time when it’s getting dark, the sun is going down. Sometimes you see the sun red, and it’s very different and so beautiful.

Chapín: We See Problems Like I'm Seeing this Wall

border wall

This is the wall and there’s a light behind it. I took this picture because there are barriers, but sometimes the problems [seem bigger than they really are]. We can see the problems like I’m seeing this wall now: It’s huge. You know that there’s this huge, very tall wall, and you cannot cross it. And you sometimes look at problems, and you see them huge like this wall. But if you look on the other side, there is a light. If you pay attention, when you look at the wall, you can see the wall is very small, if you plant yourself well in the ground and you know that you’re going to cross.

Chapín: I Have a Dream that I Can Reach

Wall with lights at night: I have a dream I can catch

The next one has the lights. This is a beauty… look at this. This is a piece of art. Each picture is a work of art, it’s not just a stupid thing. So this picture, with this picture, I can think every time I look at this picture. I have dream there, over in that land I have a dream. It has all those lights, and when I cross that wall I have a dream that I can reach. Their is something beautiful that I have to experience, in this picture… look at that.

Chapín: At the Cybercafé

Chapín at the cybercafé

So now in this one, I’m at the internet café, and that white background is inside of the cybercafé. I’m listening to music because they lent me some headphones.

So you didn’t take any pictures of the cybercafé?

No, I forgot. There’s no picture of the cybercafé, but here, you can see a bit. I’m there. In a way, ever since I started using Facebook, I’ve never been disconnected.

Chapín: Haircut

This is when I’m cutting my hair. I was taking pictures of what I was doing that day. I cut my hair, and I was going to have a shower. This first picture is when I still have my hair long, and look how it changes. Now my hair is very short here.

Aquí es cuando me estoy cortando el pelo. Me estaba tomando fotos de lo que hacía ese día, y me corté el pelo. Me estaba preparando para tomar una ducha. La primera foto es cuando todavía tenía pelo largo, y mira cómo cambia. Ahora lo tengo corto. 

Chapín: Basketball Court

outdoor basketball court

This is the basketball court… something that I’m a very big fan of. I play a lot of basketball. In Guatemala, I would wake up really early and play basketball. And then I would come back in the afternoon and play. Basketball was my passion. 

So you see this basketball court and…? 

Chapín: Nice Place for a Drink

outdoor basketball court

So here, I’m at Grupo Beta and there’s a basketball court and so I’m trying to remember some moments with my family and of my life, because it’s difficult to be away from family, but to know that I can move, and be in different places... for them to know that I’m in Mexico, and get to see all of this.

So does this picture remind you of family or what?