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Ramón: The Ones Who Know More are Talking, Talking, Talking

senior breakfast

Well, yes, I have to some English classes but I forget and it doesn’t stay with me. I have this application called Bilingual and I think it’s better, more entertaining because first it asks me to pick an image and write it or describe it, then it asks me to say it and then it asks me to write again, so I think it’s very complete. There are other courses that I’ve seen that are just blah blah blah. It’s also easier because you can speak and if you don’t say it correctly then it’ll say it’s an error and you have to repeat it.

Ramón: If You Delete Your Writing, Then Each Time You Start From Zero


I also like to write. I want to be a writer.

What do you write about?

I write about things I remember. Past loves, things about life, situations I’ve lived, memories of my childhood. I used to delete them all, but now I keep them. I also used to write by hand on a paper pad when I did not have a computer.

A mi también me gusta escribir. Quisiera ser escritor.

¿Y sobre qué escribe?

Ramón: My Phone is Like My Small Laptop


This is a picture of a laptop. I have a laptop but it doesn’t work anymore. Now I use my phone. I have two cell phones. One has a phone line, and this other one is smart phone but it does not have any phone line. I put a Bluetooth keyboard on it and I use it as a tablet. I watch programs in English, I play games, math games, and I watch things on YouTube, I listen to music. That’s how I relax, because if I just stay watching then I get sleepy.

Carlos: A Good Employer is One Who Gets Interested in What You Can Do

man on couch with guitar

This picture is of my friend, he is also a musician. He plays the bass. He plays a lot of popular Mexican music of many groups. He knows a lot. He was at my house.

How long have you been in your house?

I have been here for several years. I come from El Salvador and I have been in the US for 25 years. I have been in this house for 4 years and in Seattle I've been 24 years. I have sometimes gone back to El Salvador, and then I come back. I once had a Job for many years here and that’s why I stayed.

Carlos: Playing the Guitar

shadow of man playing guitar

I am playing my guitar there. I like playing the guitar. There’s another friend who also plays the guitar. The guitar is company, I practice and I play it.

Yo estoy tocando guitarra aquí. Me gusta tocar la guitarra. También tengo otro amigo que toca guitarra. La guitarra es compañía. Practico la guitarra, y la toco.

Pedro Infante: Where I Play Dominos

pigeons on sidewalk

That is in the park where I play dominoes. People feed the birds there. I’m not drinking, so I have to look for something to do. We all do something different. Instead of drinking, I have found something to do.

Éste es un parque donde juego dominó. Las personas dan de comer a las palomas allí. No estoy bebiendo, así que tengo que buscar algo qué hacer. Todos hacemos algo diferente. En lugar de beber, encontré algo qué hacer.

Beatriz: The Kitchen Table

kitchen table

My children all know how to iron, do laundry and cook, because I taught them. This is one of the things I learned from my parents, and my parents learned from my grandparents…So there is no need to come to the US to change one’s ideas or ways of being.

Mis hijos todos saben cómo planchar, lavar y cocinar, porque yo les enseñé. Ésta es una de las cosas que aprendí de mis padres, y mis padres aprendieron de mis abuelos... Así que no hay ninguna necesidad de venir a los Estados a cambiar nuestras ideas o formas de vida.

Jorge: I Like Seattle

newspaper with Seahawk photo

Seattle, the city of the Seahawks, is not only the one that has given me more opportunities, but also the city that has taught me the most. Here you have more opportunities to learn English, or the simple fact that you can get a driver’s license, or an ID. It’s a very big advantage. It’s also very fun to be here, there are many things can be done. I think that people here are more generous. I see it when you go out for a job from here. They take you to their homes and they trust you.

Chavalo: The Missing Puppies

trees and power lines outside a window

And then this one? 

And this is the roof from the window and well I think I should have taken the picture a bit higher up, but then the thing is what I wanted to take was a picture of some little dogs, some puppies that were here. Four little puppies, really nice ones and I wanted to take a picture of them but by the time I took the picture they had left. They’re not in the picture.

So this picture of the roof is the picture of the dogs that were no longer there? And then this one of the landscape, what do you like about this landscape?