Fun, entertainment, art, and nature

El Paisa: Community Sport

Parque deportivo Brisas de Mayo - Siloé, Cali, Colombia

People come here to do sports and weight-lifting. Everything here has been given by someone. They tell us “take this”, especially from “Nueva Luz” foundation. For example, there was a German guy who came here to visit and gave us tubes and netting for the goalposts.

Marco Antonio: Our Soccer Game

In the afternoons and with some shadow, I think “Who is playing right now?” The curiosity makes me go and look for my friends. With the passing of time, you get used to it and you will want to play every day.

A veces en las tardes, cuando está haciendo sombra pienso “¿Quién estará jugando?”, uno siempre se pregunta eso, la curiosidad, entonces uno dice “no, yo voy a ir a ver”. Ya después uno se acostumbra y quiere estar todos los días jugando. 

Servando: Art – Paintings

framed painting

This is my art. These are Italian paintings I buy at Goodwill. I think of all the time that someone spent making this art that ends up selling so cheap. I buy it and keep it. I collect art. I also collect pennies.

Ése es mi arte. Son pinturas italianas que compro en Goodwill. Pienso en todo el tiempo que alguien pasó haciendo este arte que termina vendiéndose tan barato. Yo lo compro y lo guardo. Colecciono arte, y también monedas de un centavo. 

Ramón: The Library - An Impressive Place Where I Can Improve Myself

lattice work of Central Library

At the library you can just look at books and if you like one, you can read it and if not, you can just leave it there and you don’t have to buy it. There are many many themes that you can explore! I like Pablo Neruda. I like to listen to his poems. I go to the library any day I have a chance. If I don’t find work here at Casa Latina, I can go and spend all day at the library and improve myself. I can fill in all the knowledge that I’m missing and also it is a safe place to go hang out even if I have nothing to do.

Ramón: You Cannot See God, But Nature Expresses God

yellow flower

Nature for me is the expression of something that you don’t see. You cannot see God but these things are an expression of God. God made them, but these are expressions of what you cannot see. You cannot see the seed and you do not see how this flower blooms but you see the result. For me that is the meaning of nature. Nature just fulfills a duty and it has to yield flowers and fruit even if it’s the last thing it’ll do. This is the time of year when it has to bloom and it blooms. And after that follows the fruit. This plant is almost dead but it has to fulfill its duty of yielding fruit.

Ramón: Photography

blooming cactus

I’m learning photography. I admire other photographers except me. I’m not a good photographer but I admire good photographers and good painters like da Vinci, and Botero, and that crazy one Dali. Before, I would look at the pictures I took and I would not like them. And so I thought, “These other photographers, how do they do it?”

Ramón: We Laugh At Death

Day of the Dead painting

In Mexico we say that we laugh at death. We draw it and paint it and make fun of death. I think everybody is afraid of death. Well, maybe not everybody. When you are young you are scared of death, but me, I’m old and I’m not scared. I see it as very normal that one day we all have to die. So death for me is a reason to make art.

Ramón: Dawn and the Shelter

sky over street

Yes this one is at dawn. Yes, I liked how the light, I don’t know why the light is so dark because when I took the picture the sun was very bright and it was very luminous here on this side. Maybe it’s the way the picture was taken because I think I had it in manual and I didn’t know how to set it so I could not capture the scene just like I saw it but even then I like it. The sky looks very pretty. And that car there is from a friend who is right next to that coming out of his to his home. That picture is from long ago. That picture, I’ve had it for oh maybe a year or a year and a half.