Family and community

Pedro: Maybe One Day I Will Have a Home

photo of woman and child

This picture reminds me of a woman I had when I lived in California, until we broke up. I’ve been here a few years and I’m still alone, but I’m thinking of maybe making a home again with somebody. But it’s not easy, especially for us here because it’s expensive. It is especially hard in the winter, when there is not a lot of work. You have to pay rent, and you have to pay for food and utilities, electricity and gas, and the phone.

Chino: Wearing the Vest

man wearing orange vest

Well, maybe it could be about 5 years from now, with the future of my kids and my family assured, I could be coming back and give them their studies, all the way to college if possible, and then they can work on their own.

Cuando regrese de repente podría ser dentro de unos 5 años, ya con el futuro de mis hijos y de mi familia, poder apoyarles en lo que les pueda dar, los estudios, hasta que se gradúen y puedan defenderse solos.

Chino: Keep on Going

men in front of sign to US border

And what about this? Is this you?

Oh yeah that is me standing right next to the arrow saying to the U.S., here this way, so that is like a signal of which way I have to go.

So with what you have heard here of how difficult it is, have you thought about going back?

Chiapas: Peace Sign

This other friend, he was there sitting and just thinking, and I told him “come and you can entertain yourself and I’ll take a picture of you.” So he sat up and made his signal of peace, that sign is also covering his face because he did not want to have his face showing in the picture. So that’s why he made a sign with his hand and covered his face.

Armando & Mariana: The Smallest One

Young child ringing school bell.

And this is the smallest one [of your kids] that…?

Armando: Yes, this is the smallest one, and we brought them all after a year and three months we could bring them here. They started going to school. He was first in the child care, and now he’s in kindergarten. Here, here he’s ringing the bell so they’ll open the door so he can go into the kindergarten.

Chavalo: I'm Here in the Meantime

sleeping area

So how do you feel about spending the night in this place that is not your home?

Well, once you’re finally there you’re okay, you relax because you’re safe, it’s in a safe place and nobody can hurt you. And then you can sleep, okay. The only thing is if you try to make noise or start a problem they kick you out.

How do you feel that this is your home these days?

Chavalo: Meeting Friends on the Road

two men posing for camera

Yeah, that’s all in the same – all the group of the catrachos from Honduras.

All happy taking pictures of one another.

Some of the others said they didn’t want to and since you said I should not take pictures of anybody that did not want, so I did not take pictures of the ones who did not want their picture taken, so these are the only ones who wanted their picture taken. Well, we’re all catrachos, we’re all Hondurans, we all met on the road so we become friends because we come from the same place.