Family and community

Maria: I Love Myself

Old photo of Maria

Well that is me, but that was many years ago… So many that the photo is even blurred. I appreciate my time, my life, the way that I have lived it. Even though I am a single mother, I have lived my life with my children, which are the most important thing for me, and for most moms, I think. Our children are most important. I was pregnant in that picture with one of my children. I really like that picture. I love myself- if I don’t love myself, who will love me?

Gilda: Roots

Gilda lying down

Where are your roots?
Wow. That’s a very strong question. My roots… I carry my roots with me, you know? It’s because I’m always thinking about my grandparents, and my parents. My parents brought me into this world. Also, they raised me and taught me many things. Also, I think of my grandparents and ancestors. This is a root. This helps me to continuously move forward by working. Wherever I go, I feel that my roots are with me. I carry them with me.

Gilda: My Nephew

Gilda and small child

This is my nephew. In 2012, I lost a baby. During this time, my sister was pregnant and she had her baby. In my family, I am the only one who didn’t have kids. When this child was born, I identified myself with him. He has the most tender hug that I have ever felt. That is why I brought this picture… because he is part of me.

María: Breakfast

Statue at Casa Latina

This represents my breakfast, because we come here to Casa Latina and we leave with no work, then we go to this place and we have breakfast, a bowl of oatmeal, some juice, a doughnut, something to start the day with breakfast. We arrive there, we ask for a ticket, and we go have breakfast. They’ve also told us that we can come during the mid-day and have a meal.

Gilda: My Favorite Place

Kitchen Table

This is my home. There is a table with four chairs. If only I could tell you all the things that have happened at this table. We eat together with my sister, her kids and husband. Also, I sit there with my boyfriend and people who come visit me. For me, this place is very sacred. It’s my favorite place in the world. This is my own space. Here, I have the feeling that I am.

Blas: Everything Is With Beans


This is a meal my friend invited me to. He had worked and I had not worked so he said “I’ll treat you, we’ll go eat something”. This dish reminds me of when we would all get together with my family, it reminds me of the red rice like the one my mom used to make. And the beef reminds of my brother, he used to make it on the coals and a put a bit of lime. It’s been a long time since I had something like this, and then beans, well you know that everything is with beans otherwise it’s no good

Pachita: Prácticas

An afro-descendant population without territory is nothing; the territory is where they develop their lives, where they do their songs, where they are happy. It is the place where they can sing and scream and make love and make noise in any way they want.

Hoovert: Apropiación

What characterizes La Plata Bahía Málaga as an ancestral territory of our black community is that the population has been here since 1624. This community is the expression of the expansion and territorial appropriation of that black community, initially on the islands and then on the mainland, and its path to improve the living conditions of its people.