Family and community

Catracho: One of the Friends

man in Beta Group

So in the first picture is a person in the Beta Group... I met him there and he was recently deported. I asked permission from everybody to take pictures.

Why did you want to take this picture?

So I asked him if he wanted to take a picture and he said yes and I told him that I wanted to have a souvenir to remember them so he said yes.

Also, this is one of them, one of the friends?

Chapín: All at Peace in the Morning

Photo of shared sleeping space in the morning, before everyone has awoken.

You can see this is in the morning, and I was kind of sleepy, and everybody is asleep. This is really early in the morning. This is like 5:45 when I took this picture. I took that picture when they were all sleeping… I like seeing what it is I do every day. That’s what I was trying to do, what time I get up, and what time I go to bed, and here you can see that everyone is sleeping. And this is the beginning of a new day. It’s not cold, it’s a bit warm in there, and we’re all okay. We’re all at peace.

Chapín: Photos of the wall for the family

Photo of wall to show my family

And here I took some pictures of what is the wall of the immigration, which is exactly the pictures I sent by Facebook to my family, so that they could see exactly where I am. So they could see the wall because they’ve heard about the wall so here they can see it in pictures, but they can see it. And so that way they will know where I am. So that’s why I took those pictures.Question: So these you’ve already sent by Facebook?Yes, I sent them already. Yesterday I sent them, well, not this one, this one I didn’t send, but the others I did send.

Chapín: Canadians Came in the Morning

group of Canadians

Well, this group, when I was talking with them yesterday, I told my story and I told them about my life. This is a group of Canadians that came in the morning. And so I told them my story. At first it was these two, this one and the other, they came and I was talking, and then all the others came as well. And I don’t know... my story is something normal. It’s what I’ve lived. But for them it’s so surprising to see that you have somebody next to you who shares all these things that happened to them, and who tells you all the things that have happened in their lives.

Chapín: Nice Place for a Drink

outdoor basketball court

So here, I’m at Grupo Beta and there’s a basketball court and so I’m trying to remember some moments with my family and of my life, because it’s difficult to be away from family, but to know that I can move, and be in different places... for them to know that I’m in Mexico, and get to see all of this.

So does this picture remind you of family or what?