Border, wall, place, and territory

Chapín: Photos of the wall for the family

Photo of wall to show my family

And here I took some pictures of what is the wall of the immigration, which is exactly the pictures I sent by Facebook to my family, so that they could see exactly where I am. So they could see the wall because they’ve heard about the wall so here they can see it in pictures, but they can see it. And so that way they will know where I am. So that’s why I took those pictures.Question: So these you’ve already sent by Facebook?Yes, I sent them already. Yesterday I sent them, well, not this one, this one I didn’t send, but the others I did send.

Chapín: A Piece of Art

The wall at night: It’s a piece of art

We are looking through the wall, and we can see the US and Mexico. This is such a beautiful scene for me. Looking at this, for me, is a work of art. Even though it is a bit dark, it’s a piece of art. This is something that I have not been able to see anywhere else. I’ll never see it again because I’ll be somewhere else.