Border, wall, place, and territory

Chiapas: At the Wall

border wall

I’ll keep on trying two or three times, and if I cannot make it and will try to find a job here, because in my state, things are really bad. I want to find a place where I can have a job with dignity and not get into trouble. I want to save more, so I can have more money. Maybe have a family. 

Catracho: The Pressure of Crossing

two men lying near a wall

Those two on the picture look like brothers, they’re having a good time together and they’re resting. We are all in the same uncertainty, the same boat. Maybe some of these will go back, maybe some of these will continue to live in the U.S. maybe some will wait some more. There’s many who come here
for the first time and they feel the pressure, they are afraid and sometimes they just return without even crossing, without even trying.

Catracho: So I Can Provide Something Better for My Family

man posing for camera

I asked them to take a picture of me because I had been taking many other pictures and I did not appear in them... I was not in any picture. So I asked them to take a picture of me.

So how does it feel to be here in the picture?

Oh, it feels great. Now I will be there for a long time...

If your relatives saw this picture, what would they think of you?

I don’t know. Maybe they’d wonder what I’m doing around here.

And what are you doing here?

Catracho: It Feels Like You Are in Limbo, Waiting

man posing for camera

So are they all compañeros like you who are in the same situation as you, either recently deported or waiting to cross over?

Yes, they are all in the same situation. Some of them just deported and some of them coming here waiting to cross for the first time.

What if it was the other way around, that they were the photographer and you were the one having the picture taken?

Oh it would be the same. If they asked me and they wanted for the same reason, I would say yes.

Chapín: Across the Wall is My Dream

morning landscape

And then here, this is in the morning. I got up. It’s 6:30 in the morning, and I took some pictures. I washed my face. And this is daylight already.

So what is this?

Well that’s the wall, and to know that across from the wall is my dream. And to know that one day I will reach it. This, there’s enough to get in the way, but it’s enough to know that I will be able to overcome. That’s what I like. That’s the wall.

Chapín: We See Problems Like I'm Seeing this Wall

border wall

This is the wall and there’s a light behind it. I took this picture because there are barriers, but sometimes the problems [seem bigger than they really are]. We can see the problems like I’m seeing this wall now: It’s huge. You know that there’s this huge, very tall wall, and you cannot cross it. And you sometimes look at problems, and you see them huge like this wall. But if you look on the other side, there is a light. If you pay attention, when you look at the wall, you can see the wall is very small, if you plant yourself well in the ground and you know that you’re going to cross.