Servando: My Smartphone


When I first bought my smart phone I didn’t know how to use it and so I lost a job because I didn’t know how to answer. He would call me and I just touched the screen like this, and I wouldn’t answer. It was only later that somebody told me that you have to actually swipe over and then answer the phone. Now I know how to answer. It’s easy, everything is easy once you learn.

Servando: Police Visit at Casa Latina


This a group talk given by a policeman who talked to us about our rights. However, I don’t know what he was doing here, either he was talking or looking for someone. They asked if they could take pictures of us, and we said there was no problem. Since there is no problem with them taking pictures of us, there should be no problem of me taking pictures of him. So I took a picture of him.

Servando: Meteorite

picture in a book of a hand holding rock

This is a picture of a meteorite. I go to the library to find out more about it because I found one. This picture is of a meteorite that I saw in the library. In my home, I have a meteorite. In my collection, it is under thousands of keys. I have it well hidden.

Esta es una imagen de un meteorito. Voy a la biblioteca para averiguar más al respecto porque encontré uno. Esta foto es de un meteorito que vi en la biblioteca. En mi casa, tengo un meteorito. En mi colección, que está bajo miles de llaves. Lo tengo bien escondido.

Servando: Photo of Paper with Obama Discussing Immigration

Obama picture in Spanish newspaper

This is a picture that has Obama and somebody who is clapping for him. Also, there is someone who is not paying attention to him. Personally, I think it is very difficult to be the president. Nonetheless, he is doing it. I admire him more than any other previous U.S. president. I also admired Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton. He was a very good president. After his term, he left the country very rich. Then came George Bush, and he spent all the money and transferred all his problems to this guy, Obama.

Servando: Seattle Public Library Entrance

library entrance

This is the central library, but I also call it “the office” because for a lot of people, that’s everyone’s office. That is where we went to see the football game of the Seahawks. This is the entrance of the library.

Esta es la biblioteca central, pero la llamo también “la oficina” porque para muchos es la oficina de toda mi gente. Aquí nos fuimos a ver los partidos de fútbol de los Seahawks. Ésta es la entrada de la biblioteca.

Servando: Volcano

framed photo of volcano

That’s the picture of the volcano when it erupted. It’s either the Rainier or the Saint Helens. Honestly, I don’t know which one it is. As you can see, it is a volcano and there is a big hole in the side. Once, I saw it so I decided to buy it. It didn’t even cost me 20 cents. Not anybody can have that, I think it’s a special thing.

Servando: Textile and Wooden Spoon

framed textile

This one is a cloth. It’s a native cloth from Washington. On top of it, there is a big spoon to stir chocolate. Since they did not have electric mixers, they had a wooden spoon to mix it. I liked it because it has bone inlays on the handle. This is called mesquite. In the area where I was born, there’s also mesquite. In the US, there is only an area where you can find the plants of mesquite.

What do you like about art?

I like to learn about it, but I can also invent it, even if I don’t know about it.

Servando: Art – Knots

framed poster of knot types

This is hanging in my home.

Is this a picture in your home?

Yes. All this art is in my home. This one is of knots because it’s about marine things because I live in Seattle. I figure I had to own something that represented my city. Also, I bought it at Goodwill. Even though I paid a bit more for it, I thought I needed to have something from Seattle.

Are these knots that are made at..?

These knots are made at sea. There are about 70 knots.

Esto está colgado en mi casa.