Ventura: City Hall

Homeless people inside City Hall

I live there in City Hall, that is where we stay, and where we can sleep. During the day there are people who arrive to work.... I don’t know what they do, all I know is it is called City Hall. For us, all we do is sleep when we arrive. Sometimes when I make money, I don’t visit the shelter. I eat what I want, drink what I want, but when my money is spent, I go to the shelter and I get in line. In Seattle there are many places where they will feed you. But it is food that many don’t like. It’s not like buying your own

Jimmy: Shelter

Top of building with clock

This is a building where people go, it’s like a church. You go in there and you can rest, and they have bathrooms, and you can sit there and relax and no one kicks you out. It was really a nice picture because you can see the plate with a clock and below that there is the door, and some people go in and out that door to smoke or to hang out by the door. That’s a shelter and that’s where people eat.

Ventura: First Day In Seattle

Entrance to Seattle Public Library

Well, that was the first day, when I arrived to Seattle, I got off the bus, and we went to the library with a friend. This is my friend, the one sitting there… It’s been about three years since I took that photo.

Bueno, eso fue el primer día cuando llegué a Seattle. Me bajé del bus y fui a la biblioteca con un amigo. Ese es mi amigo, el que está sentado allí. La biblioteca… hace ya como tres años que tomé esa foto.

Ventura: Why I Go To The Library

Cartoon with closed captioning

I always go to the library to use the translator, since I am an aficionado of English. I learn a lot of words and phrases there. I watch videos as well, but they have to have the closed captioning, otherwise I don’t like it because I don’t understand any of it. If the captioning comes up, and the person is speaking in English, that’s what I like. I want to hear the pronunciation. That’s why I go to the library

Ventura: The Library

Cafe inside the Seattle Public Libraru

There’s the library. A friend asked me, “do you want to speak with your family? I will show you how to get onto the computer,” and that’s how I got to know the library. He begged me, “let’s go to the library!” because I don’t like to read books, but one day I agreed and up to now, I’m still going there. I use the computer for the translator, and I see movies with subtitles. And sometimes I speak to my family.

Servando: My Smartphone


When I first bought my smart phone I didn’t know how to use it and so I lost a job because I didn’t know how to answer. He would call me and I just touched the screen like this, and I wouldn’t answer. It was only later that somebody told me that you have to actually swipe over and then answer the phone. Now I know how to answer. It’s easy, everything is easy once you learn.

Jimmy: Like a Taxi

Jimmy and woman holding phone

The phone is like a taxi, when you get lost it has the navigation, so you can put it in and it will take you where you want to go.

El teléfono es como un taxi, cuando te pierdes tiene la navegación, y le pones a dónde vas y el te lleva donde quieres ir.

Ventura: To Keep As Memories

Ventura and the interviewers

There I am I am with some friends: with you, the interviewers, you are interviewing me. Here you were showing me how to use the camera. I would like it if you send me the pictures I took to my Facebook. I have my photos there to keep as memories… Maybe one day I will be in a different place, so I just open my Facebook and I see the memories.

Gilda: My Professional Side

Computer, desk, phone

These are my laptop, my cell phone and my desk phone. This is the place where I work, where I grow every day, where I discover my professional side. These tools push me toward success. This means a lot to me. I learn how to fight and argue. Also, I learn how to find reconciliation. I work with people with different cultures and levels of education. I understand that it’s not just that people have problems and you need to confront them, it´s about trying to understand the root of the problem. These tools have taught a lot of things throughout my job.