Chavalo: Tears or Sweat?

man with blurred out face

Is that crying or sweat?

Not, it’s just that he put water over his head. There are these that don’t have a shirt. Oh they were gonna take a shower, so they were getting ready for their shower. 

So, is it difficult to find a place to shower? 

Yes, it’s very difficult. Not every place has a place to shower. And there, even you have to wait and line up and there’s ten or twelve people waiting and you have to. And it’s really cold water, not like the weather that we have that is really warm. Here it’s really cold in the morning.

Chavalo: A Nice Shower

two men posing for camera

Where is this?

Oh this is in front of the bathrooms. So there’s showers and we were lining up waiting for the shower. It’s really good that these are bathrooms and that there is a shower and we can have a shower. Except there they don’t give us any food, but they have showers. They also offer help with phone calls. 

Chavalo: Meeting Friends on the Road

two men posing for camera

Yeah, that’s all in the same – all the group of the catrachos from Honduras.

All happy taking pictures of one another.

Some of the others said they didn’t want to and since you said I should not take pictures of anybody that did not want, so I did not take pictures of the ones who did not want their picture taken, so these are the only ones who wanted their picture taken. Well, we’re all catrachos, we’re all Hondurans, we all met on the road so we become friends because we come from the same place.

Chavalo: A Nice Smile

man posing for camera

And this next one?

Oh, this is me. You see this is me. Yes, I asked my friends to take a picture of me.

So where are you?

Still in the same place.

So how do you feel about taking pictures of your friend?

Oh it’s really good. [Laughter]

So if you look at yourself in the picture, this is you now, how does it feel is that you? Do you feel like that? So how do you feel about being here? 

Chavalo: Taking the Pictures

This is inside, in the beta group, but its inside, just around the corner in El Beta. But that’s one of my friends who took the camera and took that picture. So yeah, we were sharing the pictures so he took the picture. This one is that kid who’s over there. He asked me to take a picture of him, so I took a picture of him.

So what I want to know is, why did you take the picture?

Oh, because he asked me to take a picture of him there, with those trucks.

Okay, and what about this one? 

Catracho: Lots of Pictures of Me

man and woman posing

Here these are… that is the same one with Natalia and here we are, this is the entrance of El Comedor. Yeah, that’s another guy from Honduras. Oh, this is another guy from Honduras. Also, the entrance to El Comedor.

Yeah, there’s a lot of pictures of me that I want to show you.

That’s because nobody wanted to take a picture, so I asked them to take pictures of me then. That’s with the other Catracho from Honduras.

Lupe: Just Like My daughters

Photo of two girls sitting

These are the daughters of this woman from Honduras. She came to the shelter yesterday. The girls are the same age as my daughters. This one is six and the other one is ten. They remind me of my daughters. I’m just thinking of my daughters.

Éstas son las hijas de una mujer de Honduras. Llegó al albergue ayer. Las niñas tienen la misma edad de mis hijas. Ésta tiene seis y la otra diez. Me recuerdan de mis hijas. Sólo estoy pensando en mis hijas.

Lupe: Peeling Nopales

woman peeling nopales

And so this one, what are you doing here?

Oh, here we’re peeling the nopales and I don’t know how to do that and she knows how to do it and she said she does like a hundred of these back in her place and she was teaching me how to do it.  So, they’re my friends and they were... I met them here as I was leaving and then the next picture is of the detail of peeling of the nopal. Taking off all the thorns. So I tell them, “If I’m going to make a living out of that I’ll die” because I could just peel one in the time that it took her to peel five.