Maria H

Maria: How Do I Go There?

Bus map

This is a map of the bus stops in Seattle. We are always looking for maps to go to our next job, because they give us our work order and we go to the bus stop, and we are trying to get to the address we are given. I think the map is important because if not, then you have to keep asking for directions. Even people here at Casa Latina are always asking, ‘how do I go here, how do I go there.’ I just go and look at the map, and this is how I find my place. I don’t read and I don’t know how to write, but I say

Maria: Imagining My Village


When I saw that place, I imagined myself in my village, on the farm, when you go out to the open fields to prepare the earth for work. This is here, over by Tukwila somewhere, you always remember, it feels like where the stream ran by my home. I miss that place a lot. Everything from over there in Mexico, being with my family. But oh well, we have to be here…