Lourdes: Murals


In Tijuana, where I grew up, my parents would never let us paint graffiti, but there were many mural paintings. I thought only the people of Tijuana expressed themselves in murals. But I see them a lot near Casa Latina. Murals are an expression of youth asking for something. They want to demonstrate and show themselves.

Lourdes: Value Your Dreams

Woman standing behind convenience store register

They started small, and now they have a little store. They are humble. They will help you. When they don’t have anything, they won’t deny their friendship. They are always telling you: “whatever I can do, you can do too. What you need is to never give up, to keep on working. Sí se puede, yes you can”. The most important thing is to have and value your dreams.

Lourdes: He Dreams Of Doing Something Where He Can See His Kids

front of convenience store

This is a picture of this family’s place. They came here as poor migrants. This woman was looking for a job such as cleaning houses, and doing any other labor work. Also, her husband is very humble too. They both came from Mexico. He dreams of doing something where he can see his kids, where he can feed his kids, and where he can do what he loves, which is commerce.

Lourdes: The Snow

snow covered cars in parking lot at night

I like the way the light color covers it all as a sheet. This is how pretty nature is. We come from a country where it is very hot. In Tijuana, there is no snow. When my sister came, there was a snow fall. They had never seen snow. Never! It was nice to see their reaction. Here, I learned to appreciate the snow more because people from other places enjoy it a lot. I can show you how all those dark, grey and black cars were covered in white.

Lourdes: Cooking


I teach cooking. I like cooking and sharing. I make food for sale in different events. Cooking is something that I have in my blood. Selling is what moves me forward in life. When I host a food sale, It feels as if I have won the lottery.

 A mi me gusta cocinar y compartir. Doy clases de cocina, y preparo y vendo comida en diferentes eventos. La cocina es algo que llevo en mi sangre. Vender es algo que me mueve hacia adelante en la vida. Cuando hago una venta, siento como si hubiera ganado la lotería.

Lourdes: In This Together

Four women at Casa Latina

Here in Casa Latina, our main purpose is to work. However, we are not alone because we are in this together. We come from different countries, different cultures, different places. For the past 20 years, I have lived in Seattle, but this is the first time I feel in a family. We are able to laugh, cry and tell each other things. Honestly, I thought I had a unique story because I am a victims of domestic violence. However, I have learned that there are others who have lived longer and dealt with worst. After seeing their strength, I do not think of being unique, but rather special.

Lourdes: Seattle's Sunset

Seattle Sunset

This is Seattle’s sunset. I like it when it’s getting dark, and when it’s getting light in the morning. It makes me feel all the things that we have accomplished in this country. It shows what we have reached since we come from a place where unfortunately, there is not an opportunity to prosper. I thank life because it’s a new night before the sun comes out and there is still light in the clouds and sky. This means that I am alive. 

Lourdes: The Soil That Saw Your Birth

Mexican Flag

This is a picture of the flag of my country of origin. I carry my flag wherever I go. It has millions of people who are around it. It contains all the people from Mexico who live in Seattle. For me, it is a combination of being proud where you made it, and also remembering where your roots are from, remember where you come from so you never deny the soil that saw your birth.