Jorge: We All Make Our Own Decisions

men in chairs at Casa Latina

It’s another friend here at Casa Latina, he’s been here a bit longer than me, and he’s one of the first persons I met here in Seattle about 10 years ago. And we both lead the same lifestyle, we don’t have family, we’re independent. Sometimes we are lucky and we can pay rent, other times we have to go to the shelters and we both have the same lifestyle. When I was in Chicago, I had a strong addicted to drugs. We’re talking about almost 10 years ago… and it was very hard, with no family or anything. So you go through a lot when you’re alone in this country.

Jorge: If You Get To a Place for the First Time You Have to be Decisive

early morning street in dark

Well, in this next one I wanted to show the city, also early in the morning, and it’s the city in the background. It’s Beacon Hill in the back. In facts it was one of the first neighborhoods I went to when I first arrived in Seattle, was in Beacon Hill. Without knowing anything, someone brought me there to live in their house and that's what I always remember. That was the first neighborhood I lived in.

So why is this place important for you?

Jorge: We Start Work Early, When It is Still Dark

empty dark street

I like this photo because the life of the day laborer starts early in the morning. If you want to work you have to get up very early, at least at 5 in the morning. And in the winter, this is what the day looks like. It’s dark. This picture is here at Casa Latina at 5 in the morning.

Me gusta esta foto porque la vida como jornalero comienza muy temprano. Si quieres trabajo te tienes que levantar muy de mañana, por lo menos a las 5 de la mañana. Y en el invierno así se ve, porque está oscuro a esa hora. Esta foto es aquí en Casa Latina a las 5 de la mañana.