Jimmy: You Always Have to be Learning


You always have to be learning. You have to contribute your part, you have to do your part and learn how to use the computer, how to use the keyboard… you have to learn how to do new things. So they say, “oh no, learning English is too difficult,” but I say learning English is very important because even so English is now what feeds us, you will get better jobs if you speak English. 

Jimmy: Abstract Painting

gray abstract painting

This picture is like an artistic painting. It’s like something that’s moved and it is really beautiful because you see it’s like a color that is spread out, painted. It’s like a landscape. A very abstract painting.

Esta foto es como una pintura artística. Es como algo que está movido y es muy hermosa porque la ves y es como un color que está derramado, esparcido. Es como una pintura muy abstracta de un paisaje.

Jimmy: The Parking Lot

two vans parked in a dark parking lot

This is the parking lot of Casa Latina. Those two parked vans represent those vans would not be parked there; they would be taking workers to different places. But right now they’re parked, which is sad. It means there’s not enough work.

Éste es el estacionamiento aquí en Casa Latina. Esas dos camionetas estacionadas quieren decir que no hay trabajo. Si hubiera trabajo no estarían paradas allí, estarían llevando trabajadores a diferentes sitios de trabajo. Pero ahora están paradas, lo cual es triste porque quiere decir que no hay suficiente trabajo.

Jimmy: How Will I Make My Money Today?

three men standing in fog outside Casa Latina

These three people standing in front of Casa Latina, like we all do every day, talking about where we will get a job today. This is what they’re saying, “Oh, SOB, how will I make my money today?” It is a big sadness to get up each day and not make any money, to end up empty and not have any work. You can pray to Jesus and say, “Give us our daily bread,” or you can also say, “Why are you not giving me enough bread?”

Jimmy: What Do You Know How To Do?

trees covered in lights

They will ask you what do you know how to do, and if you can use the machinery he will hire you to do that work. And if you produce then he will hire you again and he will pay you. If you don’t produce, then, well that employer will say, “OK, have a good day, bye bye,” and they will not call you again.

Te preguntan qué es lo que sabes hacer, y si puedes usar la maquinaria, y te contratan para hacer el trabajo. Si produces bien te contratan otra vez y te pagan. Si no produces, pues entonces te dicen “Bye bye” y no te llaman otra vez.

Jimmy: Looking For Our Dollar

Men sitting in chairs

These are all my friends at the assembly here at Casa Latina. I’ve worked with this guy and with that guy, and with that guy, and all these people. We all get up very early to come looking for our dollar.

Estos son todos mis amigos en la asamblea aquí en Casa Latina. Yo he trabajado con éste y con éste otro, con todos ellos. Todos nos levantamos temprano cada día para venir buscando nuestro dólar.

Jimmy: Atmosphere

People sitting at Casa Latina

Casa Latina is gold for me, because from here I started, and I have also helped myself. I have learned the language, it has given me an understanding of many things that I didn’t use to have. I know when somebody new comes here they are helped a lot.

Jimmy: Shelter

Top of building with clock

This is a building where people go, it’s like a church. You go in there and you can rest, and they have bathrooms, and you can sit there and relax and no one kicks you out. It was really a nice picture because you can see the plate with a clock and below that there is the door, and some people go in and out that door to smoke or to hang out by the door. That’s a shelter and that’s where people eat.

Jimmy: Like a Taxi

Jimmy and woman holding phone

The phone is like a taxi, when you get lost it has the navigation, so you can put it in and it will take you where you want to go.

El teléfono es como un taxi, cuando te pierdes tiene la navegación, y le pones a dónde vas y el te lleva donde quieres ir.