Gilda: Thinking About Mom

People walking on sidewalk near a lake

I saw she had a walking cane and she reminded me of my mom because my mom is now 77. My mom is at the age where she needs to be taken care of. I felt I wanted to hug my mom and have her nearby. Also, I remembered that when I brought her to Seattle, I took her on walks.

Vi a esta mujer caminando con un bastón y mer recordó a mi mamá, que tiene ahora 77 años. Mi mamá está en una edad en que necesita que la cuiden. Sentí que quería abrazar a mi mamá y tenerla cerca. También recordé cuando la traje aquí a Seattle, la sacaba a caminar.

Gilda: Roots

Gilda lying down

Where are your roots?
Wow. That’s a very strong question. My roots… I carry my roots with me, you know? It’s because I’m always thinking about my grandparents, and my parents. My parents brought me into this world. Also, they raised me and taught me many things. Also, I think of my grandparents and ancestors. This is a root. This helps me to continuously move forward by working. Wherever I go, I feel that my roots are with me. I carry them with me.

Gilda: My Nephew

Gilda and small child

This is my nephew. In 2012, I lost a baby. During this time, my sister was pregnant and she had her baby. In my family, I am the only one who didn’t have kids. When this child was born, I identified myself with him. He has the most tender hug that I have ever felt. That is why I brought this picture… because he is part of me.

Gilda: My Professional Side

Computer, desk, phone

These are my laptop, my cell phone and my desk phone. This is the place where I work, where I grow every day, where I discover my professional side. These tools push me toward success. This means a lot to me. I learn how to fight and argue. Also, I learn how to find reconciliation. I work with people with different cultures and levels of education. I understand that it’s not just that people have problems and you need to confront them, it´s about trying to understand the root of the problem. These tools have taught a lot of things throughout my job.

Gilda: My Favorite Place

Kitchen Table

This is my home. There is a table with four chairs. If only I could tell you all the things that have happened at this table. We eat together with my sister, her kids and husband. Also, I sit there with my boyfriend and people who come visit me. For me, this place is very sacred. It’s my favorite place in the world. This is my own space. Here, I have the feeling that I am.

Gilda: This Side Of The Water

Man Under Tree

I saw this person sitting under a tree by Lake Washington. When I lived in my village, I would go out to the beach and sit to watch the waves and the ocean. So, I remembered myself sitting there looking across the water. I saw the other side of the water while being in THIS side of the water.

Gilda: I Am Here

Skyline across the water

I took many pictures of the views of the city. Each time I look at the other side, I see my town. I see houses that are not buildings. I see things different than what I remember, but I need to realize that I am here. I’m on this side. I don’t identify myself with this city because it is not my root… but I am here. I need to plant my feet on the ground. This is where I live. I don’t want to lose my culture, but I have to adapt. The picture is saying ‘I am here, I am here.’

Gilda: A Lake That Transports Me Back Home

I identify myself with all this water because I feel that it’s a lake that transports me back home. I come from Livingston, Guatemala, which has a river that is connected to the sea, like here there is a sea connected to the lake. The connection between the fresh water and the salt water make this place similar to the place where I come from. So when I see water, waves or the sea, it makes me feel like I am on this side, but I want to get to the other side.