Chino: Beta's Truck

man posing in front of orange truck

And this one here, that is the truck of the Beta Group. They take us and they drive us in this truck. So this picture was taken by another Catracho.

So what do you think? People are going to think there are only people from Honduras here.

Oh yes, but they’re only 5 of us here. Nice truck they have, don’t they? That is a really nice truck.

Chino: A Haircut

man getting haircut

Now this one of a haircut…

Yes, that is after being here, we go to the [inaudible] and there was this guy who has a hair cutting machine and he was cutting the hair of this other guy from Guatemala. So he said, oh can you take my picture, so I took his picture. So, yeah, he gave me permission. So there at the Groupoetta they do haircuts. So yes, this guy does the haircut and he asked you to make a donation of whatever you want to give him.

And did you get your haircut?

Yes, mine too. I also had a haircut.

Chino: Walmart Parking Lot

Chino in parking garage

How did you take it?

I put it on the timer. I did it myself. So I learned how to do the timer!

And why did you do it at Walmart?

Well, because I liked it and I was going with somebody from here, from the Keno Group to pick up something that I had been sent from the U.S. and he went in there to pick up something and I was waiting in the car so I took advantage of being in the parking lot and I took the pictures. So there is three pictures of me there in the parking lot of Walmart, all taken with the self timer of the camera.