Chino: Have You Seen the Lights?

lights at night at border wall

All along the wall on the other side they have strong lights that illuminate everything. This picture is around midnight and they still have all those lights on, so it looks like daylight. That means we cannot cross at night because it is just as if it was during the day.

A todo lo largo del muro, al otro lado, tienen luces muy fuertes que iluminan todo. Esta foto es hacia media noche, y todavía tienen esas luces, así que parece que fuera de día. Eso quiere decir que no podemos cruzar de noche porque es como si fuera de día. 

Chino: Where I Sleep

mattresses on floor

This is in la Roca, the shelter where we’re sleeping. That is where put out our mattresses and our blankets. There we are. Last night there were only about 12 of us.

Esto es en La Roca, el albergue donde estamos durmiento. Allí es donde ponemos los colchones y las cobijas. Anoche eramos sólo como doce que dormimos allí.

Chino: Touching the Wall

man touching border wall

This is where I reached the wall. This was the first time I touched it.

I left home with the vision of getting to the U.S. and when I got to the wall I just wanted to cross it over and jump over right away and stop thinking that I was on this side. There is a border patrol car right there at about a hundred meters and they’re watching the whole time. But I felt really good to be there, I even said I’m going to take a picture of myself here by the wall and the desert is in the background.

Chino: A High Spot I Go To

desert and mountains in distance

So what is this one? Are these apartments?

No, that is the same. It is here you can see the wall and you can see the desert over here and you can see the apartments and this is in a high spot where I go to when going to the shelter so from that high spot I took this picture. This is very close to the shelter

Chino: The Church Brothers Giving Us Food

people passing out food outside

How does it feel to come here and get breakfast and then go there and get lunch? How does it feel?

Well it is really good because we get a lot of people supporting us and helping us. It is really good to have good help of food and other things. So here they are serving. These are the brothers of the church. The one that has the red shirt he’s the minister, the Pastor, and then others are the ones helping and they are serving the soup for us. So the picture before is of the line-up and here they are serving us the soup. There’s more serving and here there’s…

Chino: The Line-Up

line of people

We’re waiting for these brothers from church, they bring us soup at noon… It feels good because we get a lot of people supporting us.

Estamos esperando a estos hermanos de la iglesia, nos traen sopa a medio día... se siente bien porque hay muchas personas que nos están apoyando.