Chino: The Shower

We’re waiting for these brothers from church, they bring us soup at noon… It feels good because we get a lot of people supporting us.

Esto es frente a los baños, estamos esperando para tomar una ducha. Es muy bueno tener estos baños y poder tomar una ducha.

Chino: I'm Really Happy Now

How do you feel about seeing yourself here in this picture?

Oh I am very happy. I’m happy that I’m in good health. The pain in my foot is going away and I’ll be able to start moving. I’m very happy that I was able to talk to my family and they are going to help me, they are sending me the help that I need so that I can cross, so things are good. So I am really happy now.

¿Cómo te sientes de verte en esta foto?

Chino: Wearing the Vest

man wearing orange vest

Well, maybe it could be about 5 years from now, with the future of my kids and my family assured, I could be coming back and give them their studies, all the way to college if possible, and then they can work on their own.

Cuando regrese de repente podría ser dentro de unos 5 años, ya con el futuro de mis hijos y de mi familia, poder apoyarles en lo que les pueda dar, los estudios, hasta que se gradúen y puedan defenderse solos.

Chino: I Knew What to Expect

group of people sitting

So what is this?

Oh this is right here in El Comedor. We were coming in and this is where we were receiving the breakfast here and then after breakfast we would go back to groupoetta.

So, you already knew what it would be like here, you knew what to expect?

Yes, yes, today I knew what to expect and how to come here and how they are so welcoming with us and they give us breakfast and I know that there is the prayer and I was motivated to keep on going.

Chino: Hiding in a Hole

man in hole in desert canyon wall

I like the idea of taking a picture in this little hole because I have this idea that I will be crossing the desert and maybe I’ll be hiding like this in a little hole in the desert. I was thinking that this is how it would be like to be hiding [from the border patrol], hiding like this in a little hole in the sand. So that is why I’m hiding in that little hole, but I’m always with thumbs up.

Chino: Keep on Going

men in front of sign to US border

And what about this? Is this you?

Oh yeah that is me standing right next to the arrow saying to the U.S., here this way, so that is like a signal of which way I have to go.

So with what you have heard here of how difficult it is, have you thought about going back?

Chino: The Arrow Pointing to the USA

border sign

This sign is just to remind me of the time when I was here. It says “Frontera USA.” The border of the USA is right here. I thought it was interesting that I am here, the border with the USA is here, and there is an arrow pointing right here, where I am just now: this is where I am. And that is me standing right next to the arrow saying “to the US, go here, this way.”

Chino: Now it is Morning

border wall from a distance

And here it is morning.

Yes, this is after in the morning. So here the sun is warmer and you can see this is the very same picture as the one before, I went to the same place but it is with daylight.

Oh it is the same?

Yes, it is the same. I went to the same place and took another picture and it is of the same thing that I took at night then I took it with the day.

Oh that is very nice.

So you can see there the wall and the side of the U.S. All taken from the little window in the shelter.

Chino: The City in the Night

city lights at night

And what is this?

That’s another one of the city and the night, so you see the big lights that are putting their light on the whole area next to the wall and the lights of the town Nogales, downtown Nogales in Mexico. So you can see it all in that place, you can see the lights on the side of the U.S and the lights on the town. And always with the wall.