Chiapas: We Won't See Each Other Again

If I see this picture again in 5 years I would say:

“Where is this guy? Did he make it to the US? Is he back in his country?” We are here together today, but as soon as we take off in our different ways we won’t see each other again. Maybe they’ll make it through, but we’ll never be together again. That’s why I took a picture with all of them. In this picture we have everybody together the way we are today.

Si yo veo esta foto otra vez en unos 5 años podría decir:

Chiapas: Pivoting Point

Here [at the border] l I’m right in the pivoting point. I’m neither there nor here. My task is to cross. I don’t want to go back home in defeat. So that’s the picture I took there. It will remind me of being here in Nogales.

Aquí en la frontera estoy justo en el vértice. No estoy ni aquí ni allá. Mi tarea es cruzar, no quiero irme de vuelta a casa en la derrota. Así que ésa es la foto que tomé allí. Me hará recordar de cuando estaba aquí en Nogales.

Chiapas: Peace Sign

This other friend, he was there sitting and just thinking, and I told him “come and you can entertain yourself and I’ll take a picture of you.” So he sat up and made his signal of peace, that sign is also covering his face because he did not want to have his face showing in the picture. So that’s why he made a sign with his hand and covered his face.

Chiapas: The Beta Truck

Photo of man in front of orange truck

The truck of the Beta group gives me hope – it makes me think that if I’m dying of thirst, they bring water and I’ll do better. That’s why I took a picture of my friend [by the truck] and I asked him to take a picture of me too. So that picture is just showing the hope that there are these organizations that help us and support us. Because we’re going through a very difficult time, and they help with water or medications.

Chiapas: On the Inside They're Worried

Photo of Chiapas' friends

They look like they’re happy, but I know that inside they’re worried. Inside you are thinking: How am I going to cross? Will I get there? Will I make it? That’s why I took this picture: They look like they’re happy but I know that inside, each one of us is worried.

Parece que están felices, pero yo sé que por dentro están preocupados. Por dentro están pensando: ¿Cómo voy a cruzar? ¿Lo voy a lograr? Por eso tomé esta foto: parece que están felices pero yo sé que por dentro cada uno de nosotros está preocupado.

Chiapas: At the Wall

border wall

I’ll keep on trying two or three times, and if I cannot make it and will try to find a job here, because in my state, things are really bad. I want to find a place where I can have a job with dignity and not get into trouble. I want to save more, so I can have more money. Maybe have a family.