Chavalo: A Safe Place

This is the dorm where I slept. This is my home today. I can spend the night here and I can be safe. We are in a safe place, we’re not sleeping out on the street or by the railroad. It is very difficult to be out on the street and on your own. Here at least you are with others and you are safe.

Chavalo: We Met On The Road

Well, we’re all Hondurans, we all met on the road so we became friends because we come from the same place. Who would have thought that we would be meeting all these people from Honduras? When you leave there, you leave thinking that you are going North, but you don’t know who you are going to
meet on the road, and you meet all these others from Guatemala, from Honduras, from Mexico…

Chavalo: Trust

border wall and light poles

What is most difficult is finding who to go with, who can be a trustable guide. Anybody can say, “Yes, I’ll take you.” But then they leave you stranded on the way or turn you in.

Lo que es más difícil es encontrar con quién ir, quién es un guía confiable. Cualquiera puede decir “Sí, yo te llevo”, pero después te dejan tirado en el camino o te entregan a la migra.

Chavalo: The Desert I Am Going to Cross

desert and mountains in distance

What do you fear of crossing over?

Oh, it’s really the thieves and the gangs. That’s what we’re afraid of. It’s not so much the cold or the heat, it’s the crooks, the thieves… because we can fight against nature, but to fight against the crooks and thieves is a lot more difficult. You can find water for the desert, but you can’t really do much when you have a band of crooks that comes on you with guns. 

¿Qué te da miedo de cruzar?

Chavalo: I'm Here in the Meantime

sleeping area

So how do you feel about spending the night in this place that is not your home?

Well, once you’re finally there you’re okay, you relax because you’re safe, it’s in a safe place and nobody can hurt you. And then you can sleep, okay. The only thing is if you try to make noise or start a problem they kick you out.

How do you feel that this is your home these days?

Chavalo: A Safe Place

back of room full of people watching TV

Then this one is inside again and this building is a bit darker, but you can see the TV and here it’s really full because it’s a lot of people and almost all of us were already there. We can see, we watched TV from four o’clock when we get there to eight o’clock. Then at eight o’clock they take us to the dorms. Before that we cannot go to the dorms.

So you sit around in this place between four and eight?