Carlos: I think I would like to be back in Central America

older woman sitting on bed

How do you imagine yourself when you are 80?
I think I would like to be back in Central America….There are nice places in the mountains that are not expensive so when you are an old person you can just go live in those places….I think you can live better out in the country or in a small town. I am from El Salvador but I really like Guatemala. So I would like to live in Guatemala.

Carlos: A Good Employer is One Who Gets Interested in What You Can Do

man on couch with guitar

This picture is of my friend, he is also a musician. He plays the bass. He plays a lot of popular Mexican music of many groups. He knows a lot. He was at my house.

How long have you been in your house?

I have been here for several years. I come from El Salvador and I have been in the US for 25 years. I have been in this house for 4 years and in Seattle I've been 24 years. I have sometimes gone back to El Salvador, and then I come back. I once had a Job for many years here and that’s why I stayed.

Carlos: Playing the Guitar

shadow of man playing guitar

I am playing my guitar there. I like playing the guitar. There’s another friend who also plays the guitar. The guitar is company, I practice and I play it.

Yo estoy tocando guitarra aquí. Me gusta tocar la guitarra. También tengo otro amigo que toca guitarra. La guitarra es compañía. Practico la guitarra, y la toco.