Beatriz: It’s Not the News, It’s English

tv screen and piggy bank

This isn’t the news, it’s an English class because when there are things I don’t understand, I go and I put on a CD. I have struggled a lot with English because I didn’t have a formal education in my country. I never had the idea that I would come to this country. But I’m here and I need English so I strive to learn. I am understating the verbs and via the smart phone I have learned grammar, and to write better in Spanish.

Beatriz: The Ocean I Watch

alki beach

The photo is of water… every time I feel very stressed and lonely, I sit and look out to the Ocean. I like to see the seagulls and the ducks. Sometimes when I am very confused, to clear my mind I go watch the water. I have very few people to talk with. But after watching the water I leave with a whole new mentality, with other thoughts, a different feeling…

Beatriz: My Bed

pillow and comforter on bed

I took this photo because it is the place where I rest, where I speak my triumphs, my frustrations, my sorrows, sometimes my pain of being away from my family… it’s my home, my “love nest,” as they say, because I live alone. For me, the pillows have a special meaning because they are my partners, I share with them my sorrows, the good and the bad things that have happened to me.