Chavalo: Who to Trust

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So how do you find out who to go with and which way to go and who to take you?

Well, that is what it is most difficult to find who to go with and who can be a trustable guide. Anybody can say, “Yes, I’ll take you.” But then leave you stranded somewhere on the way or turn you in. So the difficult thing is to know who we can trust. Because the family can tell us, yes, we can help you and here we are trying to figure out with whom, who is going to take us and that’s what is most difficult. Find somebody you can trust who will take you to such and such a place where you can take a bus or something. That is what we’re thinking and that’s what is delaying us here because we cannot just go with anybody and we don’t have the money. So then we have to figure out with whom to go and we cannot keep on asking more and more money from our families.

So how do you find information? Do you get it from the radio or from where?

Oh, no. From friends, from friends. We ask friends. So you see another from Honduras and they say, “Oh, I know somebody who I trust.” Or especially, if you have anybody you know who is already there in the U.S. then they tell you there’s this person and there’s that person who helps people come in so you can contact them. So those are the options. You have your family there and they know people but here, we get here and we don’t know anybody and we don’t know who to trust.

Here in the next picture here it’s you before the shower.

Yes, I was getting ready to go into the shower, too.

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