Catracho: Waiting for the Van

waiting for van

So there we are outside of the shelter, waiting for the van to come to climb up and bring us here [to El Comedor] for breakfast. That’s everybody who stayed at the shelter. They’re waiting for the van to come. Here that is a van, and we’re all climbing into the van and they’ll take us over to the Keno Initiative at the border.

How does it feel to be there waiting for the van?

Well, that’s good, because we have rested, we’ve had a good night. Well some of us walked. It is about a 45 minutes walk from the dorm to here, although most of us came on the van and well not only because it is a long walk, but also because it is safer to come in the van. It is very unsafe to walk that long distance, because on the way there is the police and they stop you and they take away all your stuff and they…

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