Gilda: I Cannot Allow Anybody To Cut My Wings

group of pigeons on sidewalk

For me, the pigeon that is taking off to fly is me, because I feel that I cannot allow anybody to cut my wings… in any circumstance. In life, we have to try to fly so we can accomplish our goals, both personal and professional. For this, you need to have faith and hope that you will accomplish them. I remember that my mom used to say, ‘children are not your own- you have to give them wings so they can fly off.’ I remember and carry with me my mom’s words. Those are very wise words. The words that parents tell you during your childhood and youth. Even though my parents were not educated, they shared very wise words with me.

Para mi, la paloma que está arrancando a volar soy yo, porque siento que no puedo permitir que nadie me corte las alas, en ninguna circunstancia. En la vida tenemos que tratar de volar para lograr nuestras metas, tanto personales como profesionales. Por esto hay que tener fe y esperanza que lo vas a lograr. Recuerdo que mi mamá me decía: “Los niños no son tuyos, tienes que darles alas para que puedan volar.” Esto lo recuerdo y llevo las palabras de mi mamá conmigo. Son palabras muy sabias. Las palabras que los padres te dicen durante tu infancia y tu juventud. Aun cuando mis padres no tuvieron educación, compartieron palabras muy sabias conmigo.

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