Chapín: Breakfast, and Thinking Before Acting

So this is my food, my breakfast just before we came in to talk. I’m very thankful for it… [When I came here] I didn’t have anything, I didn’t have food, I didn’t have any water, nothing. And here, this next one, we’re helping to peel some of the yellow peppers. Because I came early and I was helping here in the kitchen. I took the picture because I always like helping.

Ésta es mi comida, mi desayuno, antes de venir a platicar contigo. Estoy muy agradecido por esta comida. Cuando vine aquí no tenía nada, no tenía comida, no tenía agua, nada. Y aquí, estamos ayudando a pelar unos chiles, chiles amarillos porque me puse a ayudar en la ayudar, siempre.

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