Ramón: A Horse Would Be More Photogenic

class posing with certificates

This is the end of workshop and they are giving us a certificate that we participated in this workshop.

Is it the same tree workshop?

Yes it’s the same one. As you can see there’s women. There’s Maria and Sylvia they want to know more, and as workers they have never worked in landscaping. They work in something else but there’s also people who are not from Casa Latina. But when Casa Latina gets a spot for training like this it’s free for us and so many people, when they know that there is going to be a workshop that is organized by Casa Latina, they come because for us, for the workers as members of Casa Latina then we don’t have to pay. If they even work somewhere else but if they’re members of Casa Latina. So that’s why there’s many people. But of these, many of them are active in Casa Latina, but some of them are not.  

So you look very proud here showing your certificate.  

Yes. I know that there are people here who are not very active at Casa Latina and they just came for the workshop. Because if they’re not members of Casa Latina they would have to pay $25. I know it’s not a lot because those workshops could cost up to $500 but for us, for members of Casa Latina they are free.

So how do you see yourself here in this picture?

Well I would like to not see me there, not see myself. I don’t know why, I tell them sometimes that a horse, a dog, a cat is more photogenic than I am.

But aren’t you happy?

Yes maybe but maybe there’s some defects that you are not seeing. You don’t know the defects I have but in the picture you don’t see them. 

FH people: