Chapín: Temporary, Like Loaning a Laptop

La Roca sleeping area

Now here we’re inside in the place where we sleep. There in the back, that’s me. I gave it to the person in charge and he took the picture. We’re all together at La Roca. At 8 o’clock they close [the door] and that’s where we stay during the night.

How do you feel about looking at this? This is your home right now…

Well really, I feel okay, I feel at peace. And I know that this is just temporary. I know that this is something like… imagine I lend you this computer, this laptop, but you will have another one, a new one, you will have later. I just lend you this one in the meantime so you can use it, but you know you’re going to have a new one later. And so I’m using this place in the meantime. This is a place of rest before I get to the U.S. This is ‘on the way.’ So I feel good, that I’m well treated and that I’m okay, and so that’s why I’m here.

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