Carlos: I Study Things That I Like

carlos standing outside

I have a brother who is here. I sometimes see him but he has mental health problems. So he sometimes goes away and disappears. He worked a lot when he was younger. So he has social security.  

Do you have any family back in El Salvador?

Yes I have some. Sometimes we talk on the phone. I have a niece in El Salvador.  

Do you use a computer to communicate with them?

No not really. I mostly use the phone. I sometimes go to the library to use the computer and internet but I don't use it for communications I use it for other things.  Mostly to study. Things that I like. Something that I like. I study about metaphysics: things about other planets, about astrology. So that's why I use a computer. I like to learn about medicine, and about healing. Sometimes I also go to a friend who has computers. I like to study about medicine.

So, how is it that at sometimes you've had a computer?

Yes, in the past I have had a computer. I bought one or somebody gave me one but I lost it or I sold another one.

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